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    87 grand national project

    Is it still for sale? Where are you located and the pictures won't load.
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    !!!Turbo GN/Regal!!!

    Under 15, but I'm not looking for the absolute perfect GN. Trust me I know these cars are pretty expensive just stock. I'm looking for one that needs some bodywork or one where the seats are ripped. Some minor damage like that I wouldn't care about as long as it ran.
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    !!!Turbo GN/Regal!!!

    I'd rather not limit myself in case I can talk them down are get more money.
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    !!!Turbo GN/Regal!!!

    Looking to buy a turbo buick. Dings, dents, scratches are not a problem. Preferably no rust. If it's modded great, but it will probably take it out of my price range. PCB Florida.
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    1987 Buick Regal T-Type, White

    have you ever ran a dyne test? if so can i get some specs? I'm very interested but I wouldn't be able to buy it for another year, if the offer still stands, hit me up