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    Plastic Washers

    Hey all. Can anybody tell me where to get those two plastic round washers that go on the AC lines?
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    Anybody ever try and clean one these O2 senser. I dont mind buying the single wire ones but these are $130.00 each and only laster maybe 2500 miles.
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    WTB LT1

    Need a new maf,Eric seems to out. Screen fell out of mine. Anybody got one let me know,thanks Gene.
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    Oil pressure

    Ok here's my second little dilemma of the day, i took the car to my sons house last sat. 3 and half hours each way. On the way home I noticed my oil pressure bobbing up and down a little when i was going a steady 70. Would go from 45 to 40 to 35 to 45 every once in a while. The pressure has...
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    Pulling axles

    Hey guys, im pulling my axles, to check for straight and its been so long i forget the next process to get the c clips out. This is where i am.
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    Hey Gene here. Im looking for a show quality driver side tailight. Thanks Gene
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    Starter Issues?

    Gene here. Ok heres one ive never read or heard about before. First off, i have a mini starter in the gn. My car runs absolutely perfect for the last three years except for this, every once in a while i get in the car, turn on key and liston for fuel pump. When its done i turn the key and...
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    Valentines Present

    Ive been telling the wife im thinking getting another GN project started, obviously she is totally against this. This is her idea of another GN.
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    TR Customs

    Hey anyone with any info on the website. Want to order hood pad but not getting anywhere. Thanks Gene.
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    Can someone tell me why i cant get any pics,only ? marks. Also how to fix. Thanks
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    Northeast Snow

    Well, i guess my driving days are over for a while. Hate snow,hate winter.
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    GN article and video

    Sorry i cant get it to load.
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    Can anyone tell me why in a thread all the pictures are replaced with ????? marks, thanks Gene
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    Wideband Air

    YI got this wideband gauge when i bought this car. Already had downpipe with the hole in it. The gauge came with cable and plug so i bought the senser and put it in the downpipe,plugged it into the gauge and im off and running. My question is what is this gauge measuring? It stays around 15...
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    Hey can anyone tell me the part number of these mini starters so i can go to autozone or napa or someplace and just buy one. The one i have i got from a board member and doesn't have any numbers on it. I know i can get one from kirbans but it will take a few days for all this. Thanks Gene.
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    I was womdering why all the pics in the threads keep turning into question marks, or if its just my ipad. Any help?
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    GN Hood

    Im not sure if he is a vender here, but would like to thank tobygoodmark, took his advice and ordered new hood. Fast shipping, excellant packing and also great looking hood, ps the specs in the pic are just tape.
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    Dash insert

    Anybody have one of these at a reasonable price, i mangled this one installing dash? PM me if you do thanks Gene.
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    Dash install

    I recently bought a new dash for my gn from Scott at GNS. First I'd like to say that the dash itself is absolutly beautiful,both looking and the way it is put together. You also get to choose what color,pointers, style of numbers ect which was pretty cool i thought. You can basically customize...
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    Fuel Pump Wiring

    This past summer i purchased a 87 roller that was set up mostly for the strip. I installed my engine and tranny and so on. The car came with an external fuel pump with one ground and one hot wire that went to the front of car. The only place i could figure out how to get power was to hook it up...