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    about to order my rear I have all I need?

    Alright I have all the stuff to replace my front brakes and now I am just making sure I have everything I need for the rears before I place the order. Can you guys just let me know if I need to add or remove anything? Also I have never done rear drums before but I am not worried since I can take...
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    Which way to go

    I had a powerlogger on my car and it worked 100% fine used it for a couple days and one day I started the car and all i saw was smoke from my ecu. Powerlogger got fried somehow and the board is burned. I installed it correctly (so i think) because it worked for a couple days. Now I am just...
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    Byron Race Day as a tribute to a lost member and friend

    We all lost a good friend and car enthusiast last week Chuck Corso (datenbrick on TurboBuick) Chuck is someone I'm sure many have bought and sold parts from over the years. I'm sure customers of Speed Inc. had seen Big Chuck around the shop and at events over the years as well. here is...
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    Not sure what to think about this issue

    Car runs fine for a certain period of time. If it is warmed up and I let it idle too long, it will sputter and "gasp" for air when trying to move. This is all while in Vac. It does it only up until 3-5psi then goes away. It is almost like the same symtpom as pulling the maf, just not as...
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    pass inner fender

    Need a passenger side inner fender.. as long as its not cracked or beat to hell I will be interested.. let me know.
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    Parts for sale!

    All prices are SHIPPED. If you want pictures I can get them for you just leave me an email/pm me your cellular and I can shoot you a picture message. Turbolink with CD and case. Will include usb to serial port adapter that will work with new computers. $95 TA-49 Turbo. NEEDS a rebuild...
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    Just bought myself a new turbo!

    A nice PTE 6031. Pretty excited. Didn't have the budget to go big (still in school and working) but I am looking forward to it. When it comes in I will get the hot side sent out to get jet coated for some cooler temps. I will be needing a converter for sure and looking to get a 3400. I...
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    WTB Shifter Assembly

    Looking for a stock shifter assembly.. does not need a handle or even the j-rod...mainly looking for the actual metal piece the handle attaches too. Thanks!
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    Stupid CEL need help

    So I am now getting a code 23 which is the Manifold Air temp sensor.. Took the clip off and it broke, but cannot find a part number ANYWHERE for this thing, like it doesn't even exist on this car. I found the splice on caspers, but no replacement part. If anyone knows of it please let me...
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    Street/Drag Setup?

    Car is at stock height...would eventually like to lower it and do some shocks. Want mainly for street/drag strip. I will eventually want to do control arms, etc...but for now I am just looking for a good setup that is not going to cost me an arm and a leg.
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    Best place to get a roller cam kit?

    I just want to be able to buy it all as one, and be done with it.. Car has stock ported Irons, and I will eventually want a set of roller rockers but I wont do it right away since they are almost just as expensive as the a roller cam setup. I have looked mainly at the ones of Full throttle...
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    87 silver t-type for sale

    I am selling a 1987 Buick Regal T-Type. Car does have under a 1000 miles on rebuilt short-block about 130k on the chassis. Car has Burgundy Interior and a working Digital Dash. I do have the Title in hand. Car has yet to see the track because I wanted to put a fair amount of miles on it before...
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    Headliner, Hotwire kit, etc.

    1. Have a blue headliner with plastic backing, for a dome light car. Liner has a slit cut for light but headliner was never installed. I paid 175 for it.. I could have a friend bring it to BG and I will let it go for 100 bucks. Or I will ship it for 125. I have no use for this as my...
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    What else is needed to...

    Start the tuning process? I am super new to the turbo Buick and I really don't feel like blowing anything up.. Just bought a wideband and a capsers knock gauge.. I am assuming I need to get a scanmaster/ powerlogger.. I am leaning more towards the powerlogger
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    Buncha stuff for sale..

    All prices are shipped, just add 3% paypal fee! Will also entertain offers :) Turbolink 4.0 with case and CD.. $80 Shipped 8 Gauge Dash Cluster $50 Shipped I have 2 of these Auto meter pods one has been opened but never used. I will do $12 shipped or $20 shipped for both...
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    Turbo link ??s

    Ok so I have the OBD to serial adapter.. I read somewhere that there is only one serial to USB cable people can get to work... The dynex one from best buy won't recognize it.. Any suggestions? I am running an eeepc with windows xp..
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    High volume Oil pump/front cover issues.

    Does the front cover have to be ported to fit a melling high volume oil pump? The shop that my motor is being worked on at said that they could not get the oil pump gears to turn with the front cover on. Do I just tell them to port the passages or what? I'm just a little confused on how they...
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    New Gauge setup ?'s

    So I plan on doing a set of vdo gauges since i dont want to deal with fixing my digital dash and having a ton of gauges everywhere.. But still having questions on what kind i need to get or what type.. here is the list of what im gonna pick up Fuel Volts Oil press Water Temp Boost Speedo Tach...
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    New Combo Setup

    I'm getting my T-type checked out soon from what sounds like a bad lifter, but as that is getting fixed I am planning on doing the following Ported Heads Ported Intake Cam - I believe 208? RJC powerplate 3" Downpipe and Possibly a ta49 2800-3000 stall not sure what it is honestly...
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    First time at the Track with the TR

    Went to the track today for the first time with the Buick. I had a blast!.. But I dont think my times are as good as they should have been or I am doing something wrong. The mods on the car are 2.5 exhaust Intercooler Piping and Maf Pipe 42lb injectors Chip I threw 100 octane in it...