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  1. RuthlessG

    Thanks Again "N2BUICK"

    User "N2BUICK" Purchased a driver side taillight trim for my ride. Quick responses, easy payment option & shipped immediately. I messaged him a few days after payment for a tracking number & when I got home that evening, parts arrived. No number was needed . Stand up guy to deal with. Will...
  2. RuthlessG

    WTB driver side tail light trim

    In search of a driver quality rear taillight trim black. Mine is chipped & don't want to spend $80 on a new one ( Don't want one side new & one side old ) Will need to be shipped to 93311. PayPal ready thanks.
  3. RuthlessG

    Great Buy "Moky Hales"

    User " Moky Hales" great communication, fast shipping & great product. I was expecting an ok set of headrest covers for the price & was surprised of an almost new condition, very good buy. Positive experience on my end, Thanks again Moky Hales.
  4. RuthlessG

    GN black tri-shield horn button

    Looking for a driver quality GN horn button. PayPal ready shipped to CA zip 93311. Thanks. Same style as the one pictured.
  5. RuthlessG

    W.T.B. Hot Turbo Heat Shield

    I'm looking for a 84-85 Hot Turbo firewall heat shield that covers heater hose clamps. Like the one pictured. Will need to be shipped to 93311, thanks. l need to be shipped to 93311 thanks.
  6. RuthlessG

    W.T.B. Driver side front bumper filler

    Hello, I'm looking for 1 front driver side fiberglass bumper filler & passenger side chrome corner light. Don't want to buy new just clean nice driver set. PayPal ready will need to be shipped to 93311 thanks
  7. RuthlessG

    WTB T Type Grill Emblem

    Hello, I'm looking to purchase a decent not necessarily new t type grill emblem. Same style as in picture, PayPal ready & needs to be shipped to 93311. Price depends on condition, if paint faded its okay, thanks.
  8. RuthlessG

    Attn California Buyers

    Hello, I have a 86 Buick Regal Limited (non-turbo) frame & complete shell with front & back Windows. No bondo or body work done on cab, with rust free floors. Looking to get rid of it at a fair price. Just taking up space in my back yard, in the way of my other projects. You will need a trailer...
  9. RuthlessG

    WTB T Type Center Cap

    Hello, I am needing a 86-87 T Type wheel center cap. Overall good condition, only need 1 (same one as in picture) shipped to 93311. PayPal Ready thanks.
  10. RuthlessG

    WTB Driver Side Front Bumper Filler

    Hello I'm wanting to buy a 84-87 driver side front bumper filler, fiberglass preferred. I am located in California & PayPal ready. Shipping quote to zip code 93311. Looking to purchase it between $30-$45 shipped, depending on condition thanks.
  11. RuthlessG

    WTB T Type Console

    Hello, I'm looking for a column shifter floor console, if that makes any sense. I have bucket seats in my T Type Regal but it's a column shifter. Attached are photos of the console I'm looking for, any leads are much appreciated. Will need to be shipped to zip code 93311, preferred to be grey in...
  12. RuthlessG

    WTB 442 Bucket Seats

    Hello I'm looking to purchase a set of grey 1983-87 Oldsmobile cutlass 442 front bucket seats. Hurst, Calais, Salon & Euro cutlass supreme have the same style seats. Looking for a complete set with plastic trims & all. If located in California a + or shipped to 93311. Looking to pay between...
  13. RuthlessG

    GN rear Spoiler ends needed!

    Hello I am looking for the original GN rear spoiler wing ends that bolt up to the quarter panel extensions. I have a fiberglass set but I would rather have the original style, thanks. PayPal ready & needs to be shipped to zip code 93311 in California. Price depends on condition.