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    Best 3" down pipe

    That's what I thought- thanks
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    Best 3" down pipe

    who currently makes the best 3" down pipe and cutout? I need one with a V band flange for a 7175 turbo.
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    Consensus of using flow master mufflers?

    What's the option of using flow master mufflers on our GNS ? What are the better mufflers to use?
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    Wiring schematic for steadfast hood locks

    Anyone have a wiring diagram for the steadfast underhood lock & ignition kill switch ? The guy doing a frame off restoration cut all my wires under the hood and am trying to figure out how to wire it properly- there are about 5 wires in all.
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    Tuning in NC at Richard Clarks Shop

    What's the address over there?
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    Rustfree rear quarter panels

    Does anyone have a set of good rustfree rear quarter panels for sale-i m in need for both sides?
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    Billet stock looking shifter handles

    I wonder why no one has made a billet shifter handle that resembles the stock one and maybe uses the stock internals?
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    What else is out there for street tires?

    MT street comps , Nitto 450s, BFGs
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    want to change my turbo on my stage2 but witch one ?

    I have a rebuilt 4 bolt T-76 BB turbo very reasonable.
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    Does anyone sell an aftermarket shift handle that looks like stock but better quality?

    I think gbodyparts just came out with some new ones- better than stock.
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    Who makes OEM quality outer dew sweeps?

    I just bought a set from Kirbans which are a heavier duty unit with heavier steel on the frame part- didn't install them yet.
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    Very nicely done! I asked cause I noticed the disc brakes, I am currently running a 9" ford rear in one car and a 12 bolt with a 411 spool and 5/8" studs.
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    E Brake- do you have any pics of that tire from the outside of the wheel well to see how it fits?nevermind I just saw the first pic- I think I have less tire bulge on my 8" rims with that same tire cause I have more room to the frame. Is that a stock or aftermarket rear axle?
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    husek transmission build and 9.5 3200 n/lu converter

    My order will be coming soon as I get the funds together.
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    A lot also depends on the sectional width of the tire being used- a 12" sectional width has 1/2" deeper width than a 11" sectional width tire- thus could cause rubbing on frame, I measured from the wheel mounting pad to the frame and got 5.5" so the backspacing of the wheel plus the sectional...
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    Who bought Budnik Billet GN wheels

    I already have MT drag radials in 295x45x17s that s why I asked about the 17" size! Thanks!
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    New 81-87 Rear Quarter Panel Repair Patch Panels

    Are the full quarters available yet? I need both sides.