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  1. boostingbuick

    Offcenter stg2 with AC

    The 3 sets of Stage heads that I own, all have the bolt holes for the brackets. On the On-center block I had the acc. bracket milled .120 and it bolted on and all the pulleys lined right up.
  2. boostingbuick

    Turbine Backpressure

    BP has always been an issue. The boards normally talk about performance street cars, most see little track time. High back pressure will be with most of these cars, and most have no idea about it. When the exhaust wheel becomes larger that the compressor wheels, the BP is more manageable. But...
  3. boostingbuick

    I will take the mass air flow sensor.

    I will take the mass air flow sensor.
  4. boostingbuick

    Various parts for sale - Stage 2

    Camshaft info!! and I want more info on the rods.
  5. boostingbuick

    Happy Easter.

    You REALLY need someone who know and does these transmissions. I had a well known trans shop royal oak build one, and repair it the next day, and the next month, and lasted 3 months. Then had it built by someone who knows the 200r4 well and ten years later and at least 100 passes showed me that...
  6. boostingbuick

    looking for quality BR Trans core

    I am in for a ad free membership or donation. I would like it to be a yearly fee and keep in mind that if your price is too much most will just keep the ads. I would be willing to pay $120 a year for the ad free viewing, but more than that I will deal with what I have been this far.
  7. boostingbuick

    GNX style Dash autometer phantom gauges

    My vote is the 4L80E, but it will not fit without moving the floor some. Strong and reliable for a car that you can beat on and then drive it across the country.
  8. boostingbuick

    Who sells this gauge pod? Not crazy for the 3 pod A pillar style.

    I agree, the trans will do its job in drive. The only time I would recommend the manual shifting of the 2004r is if you need more rpm than the trams will give you. My data logs show my trans shifting at 5500 almost every time in drive. Since I want 7000 rpm shift I do it manually.
  9. boostingbuick

    Balancer spacer for pulley

    You can also machine .120 off the back of the acc. bracket and it will correct the belt issue. I did that on mine, with stage heads and went together with no issues.
  10. boostingbuick

    Stage II heads and AC box, delete heat?

    Yes sir, being a solid roller I made sure that it would come off without beating up my powder coating. I want to say "Thank you" for sharing your work, It gave me some ideas and all the pictures let me solve some issues that I knew were going to happen. I like people that try, win or fail and...
  11. boostingbuick

    1984 grand national motor

    Ok, you did not state where it was located. So you want people to look at your profile and assume that were its located to be picked up? Then your add states "Low miles or rebuild". Why would it need to be rebuilt if it has low miles? Or is low miles for the year means 150,000 and should be...
  12. boostingbuick

    1984 grand national motor

    Location? And how many miles in this engine?
  13. boostingbuick

    Turbo selection

    I am running a precision 7675 billet ball bearing turbo with stage heads, little lag from an idle when I stab it. But with a little brake torque seems fix that issue. Spools fast on a roll or on the trans brake and makes good power. I would not go smaller personally, and has not make me regret...
  14. boostingbuick

    Stage II heads and AC box, delete heat?

    Here is one I forgot to post.
  15. boostingbuick

    Stage II heads and AC box, delete heat?

    Here is the heater core build, not an easy job since the heater core is soldered and welding creates more heat than the solder can handle.
  16. boostingbuick

    Stage II heads and AC box, delete heat?

    Here is the blend door housing I made. I used the factory door, but the blend door housing I built. The heater selector moves normal but stop just short of full cold and full hot since the door has less swing with the room provided. The last pic was the first part of the build. I can not find or...
  17. boostingbuick

    Stage II heads and AC box, delete heat?

    Here are some more pics, and I did not take pics of all the steps, so I will post what I have. The valve cover comes off very easy and has good clearance giving the tight room.
  18. boostingbuick

    Stage II heads and AC box, delete heat?

    I have some issues with this, the a/c system, or the evaporator is not the issue. The issue is the heater core. The height of the heads and valve covers is the issue. Plus moving the head/valve cover back .120 does not help. But is not impossible to over come, but not easy as well. I have put an...
  19. boostingbuick

    Those With 600+ Hp & Torque On The 200-4R, What Repairs To Expect?

    With the part you have should be good.