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  1. N2BUICK

    Looking for upgrades suspension

    I have several things, HR upper and lower, Insane level, double adjustable, rear control arms. Front TRZ upper control arms Q1 coil overs single knob. HR rear super sway bar/anti roll system, set up for 9" ford housing. Have rear coil overs also set up for 9" with correct brackets . Have the...
  2. N2BUICK

    Power steering pump

    Thanks Anthony great info as usual.
  3. N2BUICK

    Precision Performance Turbo 400 Shifter

  4. N2BUICK

    Power steering pump

    Anthony, on Lees rebuild site there is a list of things they want to know. What is our 86/87 pump referred to in the industry? Never heard any of these abbreviations? Saginaw P, N ,T CB GM Type II /TC
  5. N2BUICK

    Need Valve cover gaskets

    Good luck, I have the same heads and gasket. I have always had a leak at the rear of one maybe both. Leak is small and I just deal with it. I do not have that type torque wrench also, I know I have exceeded the 5lbs for sure, trying to stop the leak. I haven't tried the sealant from cover to...
  6. N2BUICK

    Stage2 valve springs and retainers Need specs and part number

    That's it, thanks I have these springs and retainers someone is interested in buying. I needed the book spec so he can tell if there in the range he will be needing.
  7. N2BUICK

    Stage2 valve springs and retainers Need specs and part number

    Looking for ratings and or part number s, on the Buick motor sports stage2 valve springs and titanium retainers. I have lost the old catalog that lists these items. Not sure if they listed more than one spring rate?
  8. N2BUICK

    Which vehicle did he look at?

    The C10 pickup, I was surprised he didn't want to talk about the GN.
  9. N2BUICK

    Which vehicle did he look at?

    Last week I had to have a garage door repairman out. In the garage I have our 1986 GN and next to it is a 1972 Chevy C/10 SWB pick up. Both good condition vehicles. The garage door guy is maybe mid 40s age, I'm guessing. Question, which one did he show interest in? I was surprised
  10. N2BUICK

    1987 buick regal chrome bumpers

    I was able to get pics of bumpers. Good shape overall. Problem are front has a small rash area. Also there was contact with something in the middle. The bumper strip would cover some but a spot is still there. $300 for pair . The aluminum backers are also $300 for pair.
  11. N2BUICK

    1987 buick regal chrome bumpers

    I have a set. I need to get them out and see the condition . I also have the aluminum backers if interested. Will check and get back. Also I'm in Oklahoma city metro.
  12. N2BUICK

    Heater control valve position

    That is what I was seeing with the unknown valve I have to install. Thanks for the verification Anthony.
  13. N2BUICK

    Heater control valve position

    I remember a thread about this but can't locate it. Is the heater control valve supposed to be open while not on the car? I have an unknown, metal control valve that is open without vacuum. I am doubting this as the heater flow would be continuous without vacuum source? Which way are the turbo...
  14. N2BUICK

    VSS Location ?

    See if this helps
  15. N2BUICK

    Stock replacement lug nuts are falling apart

    Is there an impact wrench being used. If so installing them with hand tools will add life to the lug nuts.
  16. N2BUICK

    WTB: OEM Fuel Rail Cap

    I have several plain brass caps. None of the black oxide factory type.
  17. N2BUICK

    Need retention rings for GN plastic center caps from GBody parts

    Pretty obscure part needed. The metal rings that go on the fingers of the plastic center caps. Wheels are the aluminum GN repo from GBody. Yes i have called, GBody, but get the, mail box memory full...... I see some "like" mine on line but no size info. They all say rings fit a specific wheel...
  18. N2BUICK

    Need a set of 6.5” rods offcenter

    I have some 6.6 rods. Thought I'd throw it out.
  19. N2BUICK

    86/87 upper rad hose reroute ?

    I have the factory clamp on the car. Thanks for the offer