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    Bucking and surging all of a sudden?!

    Had the car dialed in... finally. Set at 22pis and ran amazing. Alky installed, all the sensors were set etc etc.. Drove it today and it was driving amazing. Stopped at a car show of all places and on the drive home I noticed a weird hickup in 6th gear, would be chugging along fine at 2000...
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    Vss question

    I'm not getting a vss signal to the ECM and it throws a code but with the tci trans and controller I'm told I'd need a converter from tci to output the correct signal. I'm getting conflicting answers on how important the vss signal is. Anyone have any better info, I can get it working but it's...
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    Help with tuning question

    Still working on the tuning and have a question. Fuel pressure is at 42 @ idle with the vacuum line off, iac is at 20, tps is at .44, blm is at 115-120 and my o2's are bouncing around the 700's to low 800's. I have boost turned as far down as I can for now (15psi ish but havent been above...
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    Bit different question about body mounts... or lack thereof

    So, as you may or may not know I have coilovers installed and lowered the car quite a bit. Loved the look but it was to low, the front overhang on the car means its a real scraping hazard and the crossmember is a bit lower than I'd like so I raised it back up about 1" just to be safe. Now I...
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    Anyone install a ridetech musclebar on a gbody yet?

    Curious if anyone has pictures of a muscle bar on a g-body. I was looking at my wheels and tires and think I could fit a much wider front tire if the sway bar wasn't in the way (with the hellwig I have maybe 1/8" at full lock). There is a muscle bar on a road runner I've seen and it looks like...
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    Take a look and help me decide on a redesigned grand national emblem

    Started this contest on a design website, give me your opinions!
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    Help finding a trim piece...

    My car is in body and the trim piece on the edge of the trunk was ruined. Where can you buy these, I didnt see any on brians site? Its the long edge molding that goes across the entire trunk lid under the lock to match the deck lid up with the tail lights. Thanks
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    Wanted 87 GN grill for experimenting with mesh/billet, broken ok

    I'm trying to make a black mesh grill or possibly a machined billet grill and need a GN grill to experiment with. Don't really want to buy a new one for something like this. If someone has a beat up or even cracked stock one I'd like to have it. Thanks
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    Help with wallpaper for ipad in dash installation

    I'm flush mounting an ipad where the stereo used to be and am looking for turbo 6 logo, buick logo or grand national logo wallpapers. Google hasn't been much help and I thought maybe you guys had some so lets ee them!
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    Wanted Kenne Bell Front air dam

    I'm looking for a good condition kenne bell front air damn for my car. Willing to pay well for one with all parts in good condition. Willing to take air dams in not so great condition that can be fixed with some body work as well if thats all I can get my hands on
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    Question about electronic boost controllers

    Maybe there is something I am missing but I always see people recommend and use manual boost controllers. I hear very little about electronic boost controllers. My only other turbo car was an eagle talon TSi and I never heard anyone mention manual except for really low budget builds as a stop...
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    Anyone in vegas have access to a scale?

    My car is basically done and after the fiberglass and aluminum extravaganza I'd like to see where the weight of the car ended up. Does anyone have a scale locally?
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    Grand national stainless steel and rubber power steering lines

    I have a brand new set of stainless steel lines for sale. Paid 125 including shipping. Ill do them for 50 each including shipping obo
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    ebay problem, anyone with advice?

    So I sold the radio out of my Grand National on ebay, this is the listing It clearly states that there is no refunds. He elected not to purchase shipping insurance. So I packed the item...
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    rjc rear motor brace for sale

    Never used motor brace for sale. I'm not going to use it so maybe someone else here can. I'm asking 80 shipped
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    TR customs engraved billet shifter for sale

    I bought this shifter installed it, then ripped the car apart for the frame off rebuild. It has no road miles on it, just the install then removal. Asking 90 shipped obo
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    RJC racing head clamps for sale

    I purchased a set of RJC head clamps for the GN1 heads and didnt use them. They are brand new and unused. They are 329.00 plus shipping on RJC's site. I'm asking 275 including shipping OBO.
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    Help, quick opinion!!!

    I need help, I have an idea but I need to act on it quick one way or the other since my car is in body. I have had the idea of putting C6 style door handles on my grand national and havent been able to decide, it would work just the same with a button on the underside that activates a popper...
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    Help me with a stereo for my Pro-Touring project!

    I have a project log going on in General I'm now at the point where I need to start thinking about the audio aspect of it as I'd like to wire it before the interior goes back...
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    Where do you buy replacement seat belts at?

    I've looked and all I can find is universal kits. I'd like to buy a set of factory black seat belts for a regal but have had no luck. Anyone know of anywhere for that?