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  1. TheYak

    Stock turbo shield

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for a decent original turbo heat shield. Please let me know if you have one, would need it shipped to Florida 32566. Can PayPal… thanks! - Mike
  2. TheYak

    AC lines

    Hello, I'm looking for a good set of AC lines because mine are bent and leak refrigerant. Does anyone have some laying around from a drag car conversion? Can PayPal, shipped to NW Florida 32566. Thanks! - Mike
  3. TheYak

    UMI performance rear lower control arms

    Hey guys, having an odd issue with my car. Hit the dyno and we couldn’t get the boost to come up past 15 psi, no matter how the bleeder-style boost controller was adjusted. Still 15psi, no more or less. Found a tiny leak in the header a few days later, can that cause this issue? I’ll get the...
  4. TheYak

    Drag wheel/tire package $850

    Brand new tire/wheel combo, please see pics for size/details. Bought new in 2019 and never used, I decided to go a different direction with the car. Only mounted and drove around the block. Located in Navarre, FL
  5. TheYak

    60# Injectors and Holley 340 pump for sale

    Pump is new, bought a few months ago and never installed. $100 bucks shipped/conus. 60# Motron injectors, just removed today and work great. Will throw in turbo tweak chip... $225 shipped Please PM if interested, thanks!
  6. TheYak

    Selling old fuel setup

    Walbro 255 with Hotwire kit, two hard fuel lines. Please make offer, located in Navarre FL 32566. Thanks!
  7. TheYak

    Teflon fuel line install

    Not sure if this is the right section, but does anyone have pics of their upgraded fuel lines installed? I'm mostly interested in the best way to route them around the motor, I have Cruz's teflon kit. Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. TheYak

    Broken fuel hanger connector

    Does anyone know where to find this connector? Pin broke, was very brittle. It’s a racetronix fuel pump connector... any help would be greatly appreciated! - Mike
  9. TheYak

    Where can I find a fuel pump hanger with -8/-6 AN fittings?

    Hello everyone! I'm in the process of upgrading my fuel system, where can I buy a fuel pump hanger (single pump) with -an fittings? I'd prefer plug & play rather than welding on the fittings. Thanks for any help!
  10. TheYak

    Can anyone help with a Carfax?

    Good evening everyone! Hoping someone that has access to Carfax can run a VIN for me please. We’re looking at a first car for our son, 2008 Honda Civic (safer than a GN haha). Not being cheap, just worth asking before I buy one. Thanks! VIN 1HGFA16888L049646
  11. TheYak

    Best way to upgrade fuel pump

    Hello everyone, hope you're holiday season is going well! Quick fuel system question, I did search but there's so many variables. I'm close to maxing out the duty cycle with my single Walboro 255 pump and 60# injectors combination. Looking to upgrade to 80# injectors (high impedance to work...
  12. TheYak

    RJC boost controller

    Works great! 35 bucks, located in Navarre FL 32566
  13. TheYak

    Stock ECM

    I’ve got a good stick ECM that I’d sell to someone in need. Don’t need anymore, upgrades to FAST. 100 bucks plus the ride,
  14. TheYak

    TV cable or XFI programming?

    Happy thanksgiving everyone! I took the Buick for a ride earlier and had a drivability issue, the transmission is doing funny things. The torque converter keeps locking/unlocking in OD, all depending on throttle position. It’s just keeps going back and forth and is really annoying! Is this...
  15. TheYak

    Sportsman review

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to publicly give props to Cal Hartline for his help today. He walked me step by step through my Sportsman XFI setup and she fired right up! He also gave me a rundown of the tuning process and tables. If you’ve been delaying this mod I highly recommend that you go...
  16. TheYak

    Brass block replacement

    Hey guys, need some help if anyone has the time. Need a pic or diagram of the brake lines going into the brass block. Long story but basically I bought a new one from highway stars but forgot to take a pic and now very confused. The stock one has two plugs in it (one large/one small). I feel...
  17. TheYak

    Relocate AIT sensor to plenum spacer?

    Hey guys, odd question here. I’m about to relocate my air inlet temp sensor for the FAST system install. Would it be possible to run a 1” plenum spacer and drill/tap it for the sensor location? Reason being, i’m not wild about hacking into my shiny doghouse... just a thought. Please let me...
  18. TheYak

    Sway bar options for Quick Performance 9” rear end

    Hey guys, needs some help... upgraded to a Quick Performance 9” and the ATR style sway war won’t fit. Might have been a close fit if I didn’t have the drain plug/jack pad. What sway bar would you recommend as an alternative? Street car so I’m not wanting to go with any type of anti-rollover...
  19. TheYak

    87 GN rear end (is this still worth anything?)

    Hey guys! Interested in selling my 8.5 axle, messed it up while trying to convert to disc brakes (good mechanic/terrible fabricator) haha. I ended up going with a 9” setup from Quick Performance. Anyway, is anyone interested in this? 99k with good posi differential, no abnormal wear on...
  20. TheYak

    Am i leaving HP on the table?

    Hello everyone, just kicking around the idea of upgrading to the FAST system instead of the Translator Gen II that I currently have. Also, I will be moving to Florida (military) this summer and will be within driving distance of Cal's shop for dyno tuning. My question is, would anyone be able...