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  1. N2BUICK

    Stage2 valve springs and retainers Need specs and part number

    Looking for ratings and or part number s, on the Buick motor sports stage2 valve springs and titanium retainers. I have lost the old catalog that lists these items. Not sure if they listed more than one spring rate?
  2. N2BUICK

    Which vehicle did he look at?

    Last week I had to have a garage door repairman out. In the garage I have our 1986 GN and next to it is a 1972 Chevy C/10 SWB pick up. Both good condition vehicles. The garage door guy is maybe mid 40s age, I'm guessing. Question, which one did he show interest in? I was surprised
  3. N2BUICK

    Heater control valve position

    I remember a thread about this but can't locate it. Is the heater control valve supposed to be open while not on the car? I have an unknown, metal control valve that is open without vacuum. I am doubting this as the heater flow would be continuous without vacuum source? Which way are the turbo...
  4. N2BUICK

    Need retention rings for GN plastic center caps from GBody parts

    Pretty obscure part needed. The metal rings that go on the fingers of the plastic center caps. Wheels are the aluminum GN repo from GBody. Yes i have called, GBody, but get the, mail box memory full...... I see some "like" mine on line but no size info. They all say rings fit a specific wheel...
  5. N2BUICK

    86/87 upper rad hose reroute ?

    I have been bitten this morning with the upper radiator hose being cut by the belt tensioner pulley. I am running a large intake air pipe and filter and never had this issue. How have others worked around this? I have seen pics of a rerouted metal pipe, for the radiator hose, being used? This...
  6. N2BUICK

    Air conditioning 86/87 R134A Condenser

    This question I'm sure has come but didn't see it in a search. The Spectra 7-3043 has been posted here as our replacement condenser for R134A. The spectra number is not in stock anywhere, we know. Has anyone found another one close enough that we could work with? I plan to have the lines...
  7. N2BUICK

    Fatnat thumbs up

    Recent purchase all went well. Buy with confidence.
  8. N2BUICK

    Heater cores 86/87 for sale

    I've seen some mention that factory copper/brass heater cores are available. I have 2 left , the 86G date code is unavailable. Used but no leaks. Small accessories are available separately. They should be present on a stock change out. $115 each, shipped to the lower 48. PayPal to friends or...
  9. N2BUICK

    Drilling for larger wheel studs 5/8"

    I have a set on GN aluminum repo wheels. I'm looking to install the wheels on a 9" ford rear end I recently acquired. The 9" has 5/8" drive studs and the aluminum GN rims only accept 1/2" studs. Has anyone tried to drill these rims for larger studs, with success? If there drilled, does using...
  10. N2BUICK

    For sale pulse wiper board

    Letting this group know that I have a few pluse wiper boards with cover with the pump. A few have mentioned these are not obtainable. I have three working wiper motor assemblies I have removed the circuit board/cover from. I have them at the Buick GS NATS currently. There $75 each plus...
  11. N2BUICK

    NOS cam sensor/parts/caps

    Selling NOS cam sensor less cap Marked A. $650 Cam sensor "B", disassembled for inspection. Non standard, can't confirm OEM production shaft. Some nice work on lathe to make HD top reluctor ring "bolts" on. Can reassemble for use, no cap $200 Cam sensor "E", disassembled, lower bearing...
  12. N2BUICK

    Accessory bracket repaired

    Someone was looking for this bracket, I think. This is a good one but has been repaired. $50 shipped to contentital US
  13. N2BUICK

    Position of RJC power plate

    Putting a power plate on intake with a Cruze 1" plenum spacer. Should the RJC plate go between the spacer and lower plenum or between the spacer and top Precision plenum? Or does it matter?
  14. N2BUICK

    Accessory bracket hardware

    I have pieces of two assemblies for sale. AC evaporators are gone, still have heater coils. I saw someone posted needing a specific part of the assembly but cant locate the post? Another board? These peices are $40 each plus shipping. PayPal to FF
  15. N2BUICK

    Cam sensors difference

    Looking at rebuilding a cam sensor or two. Have a couple of the pro kits . Got to looking at both, same PN . There seems to be completely different in the wear/thrust areas top and bottom. I wasn't aware of GM having different designs? Is one better than the other in design? The shiny one looks...
  16. N2BUICK

    Radiator fan motor autopsy

    Just an observation on a failure more i haven't seen. The fan motors are pretty tuff haven't seen one fail yet. Pictures show a motor i was going to salvage as i cannot determine its use. Problem found was the permanent magnets have delaminated from the out motor case. Real odd failure for...
  17. N2BUICK

    Motor plate material

    These are T6 aluminum plates. They were for V6 Buick applications I WAS TOLD. Put a timing chain in cut out for some identification. The plate with timing chain is 19.25 × 10.25 x 1/2 .4935 thick. The others are both 24 x 10 x 7/16 .3965 thick I can answer questions on existing holes size and...
  18. N2BUICK

    Seat floor trim pieces

    Assorted trim pieces. Each has gm PN that can be furnished. Each piece $10 plus shipping . A few have cracks prices negotiated on those. Price break on 5 or more.
  19. N2BUICK

    WTB scanner

    Looking for scanner or help with what to buy. There might not be a good answer for i want or can afford? Doing occasional work on american cars and need an upgrade from a code reader. Friend has GM covered with a Tech 2. I still have the trusty OTC4000 gathering dust. Maybe someone outgrown...
  20. N2BUICK

    Looking for replacement dashboard bulbs GM not GN

    1999 Suburban looking for correct replacement bulbs for AC/HEAT control head. Pics show middle bulb for reference only its for speedo clusters G body there big The small gray based bulbs are for the 3 top row. The black based are for the A/C AND RECIRCULATE BUTTONS. The small based bulbs are...