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    Memorial Thread To Kasci Weaver!

    I've been out of the game, as I've been going through my own personal drama (divorce). I never thought I would see this thread. and I thought I was going thru some crap. Brian, however late this may be, I'm so sorry for your loss.
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    Life Insurance...... opinions.

    IMO you need to up your coverage- term. I'd up you to 1M/1.5M, the wife to 500K. The coverage for the kids is fine. Your current coverages are fine for 10 years ago....
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    blown engine questions

    Measure 2, maybe 3 times- build once. Purge your brain of SBC/SBF thoughts.... Keep detonation to zero, and the engine will live a long, healthly life. Tuning correctly is a major factor in longevity.
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    Are Msd 50s enough?

    Unless you like changing head gaskets:eek:
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    Are Msd 50s enough?

    Back in the day, MSDs were the go-to injector. They are great, and will take you deep into the 11s. Today's hot ticket for the street is the Mototron 60. Better idle, and will take you into the 10s. On your lean situation: have you checked your fuel system for fleaks and clogs? Get the fp...
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    WTB: T-Type seat

    I have both sides....let me go check out their condition
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    Hello from a new person!

    Welcome, Dan- appreciate the info, and the honest attitude.
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    1987 Original Long Block Engine with 27,000 Miles!

    Yup- that 8 bolt machine is a wonder; unless you and 7 of your friends can torque as a team, it can't be beat!
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    Looking for cam sensor and caspers cap

    Here's Autozone's price in my area: Camshaft Position Sensor Duralast / Camshaft Position Sensor for a 1987 Buick Regal Related Parts Camshaft Interrupter-Magnet Crankshaft Position Sensor Spark Plug Wireset About this product: Part Number: SU164 Weight: 1.191 lbs. Warranty: 2 YR...
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    Help-Going to do a budget rebuild the target is 11.99 at least once.

    Small cam- 208 or 210- will do the trick. Add a properly prepped and built longblock (stock specs are fine), mix in a converter matched to the turbo, and stir in some alky. Have fun!
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    can't wait for the cold air to get here!!

    49 degrees in good ol' Gig Harbor, WA....
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    How much $$ for a stock GN with 18k?? If you're going for speed and power, buy it- much cheaper way to go....
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    Does Alcohol Kill O2 sensors ?

    Take the lead weight out of your right shoe......:biggrin:
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    have cas v4 is it time to go front mount

    Just turn the alky up, and don't bother with the FM.
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    Cam Sensor Code

    Here's the info: Cam Sensor Information
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    WTB: title

    Yep- my bad!:biggrin:
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    Just got the engine out, Need Help!

    Don't be afraid of alky- best bang for the bucck ever.
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    Where did you?????

    I tapped into the dimmer switch lead.....
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    WTB: title

    In most states, if the car is totalled, then rebuilt, the state issues the new VIN and title. An owner can't move/trade the VIN data plate- federal offense, if I recollect of the sure giveaways that the VIN plate has been replace is to look at the rivet. OEMs use a specific...