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    Tubular Rear Lower Control Arms

    I have a used set of tubular rear lower control arms that have been freshly powder coated black. They are carbon steel and double adjustable w/ rod ends. They are also from a fourth gen f-body so they will fit a TTA. I am not sure if they'll fit a g-body. If someone knows the stock length of...
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    FS: New 83lbm/hr Low Z Injectors

    I have a brand new set of eight 83lbm/hr low impedence injectors I'd like to sell. I'd like $285 shipped to the lower 48 for these. Thanks, Steve.
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    FS: TurboLink v4.0.5, Buick Power Source Manual, Other TB Literature

    I have the following items for sale. 1) TurboLink v4.0.5 w/ cable, connector, disk and case - $100 shipped 2) Buick Power Source Manual - $35 shipped 3) Buick Free Spirit Manual - $12 shipped 4) Buick Sales Literature - 1986 & 1987 Buick Buyers Guide - 3 brochures / books total -...
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    Brand New Moser 9" Center Section

    Here's the deal. I bought this after FedEx lost my used center section. FedEx has now found the center section and shipped it to me. I now have this extra center section I need to sell. Here are the specs: Nodular iron center section Detroit Locker for 35 spline axle 3.90 Pro Street...
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    The last of my Buick parts - reduced prices

    This is the last of the stuff. What doesn't sell now goes w/ the car. Whatever the new owner doesn't want is getting tossed. Reasonable offers are accepted. 1. Heads - $40 w/ springs & valves (plus shipping) 2. Rocker shafts / rockers - $10/pr (plus shipping) 3. '85 3.8 flexplate - $5...
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    Selling my GN - all my Turbo Buick parts for sale

    I am selling my GN and unloading all of my Turbo Buick parts I've collected. Here is the list: 1. Heads - $35/pr bare, $50 w/ springs & valves (plus shipping) 2. Rocker shafts / rockers - $25/pr (shipped) 3. Throttle body - $70 (shipped) 4. Upper plenum - $40 (shipped) 5. Valve...
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    Misc extra parts for sale

    Here are some extra parts I've accumulated that I'd like to sell. 6 2 Dot Rods from '85 GN - $60+shipping Valve covers from '86/'87 - $50 shipped Upper plenum from '86/'87 (inside smoothed)- $60 shipped Throttle body from '86/'87 (arm is still there, bore is smoothed) - $75 shipped Rear...
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    Leaky IC - best way to repair?

    I was doing some spring cleaning tonight and noticed my IC has pin hole in one of the tubes. I have some thoughts on how to repair it, but would like some opinions. My thoughts are: 1) Clean up the hole and use JB weld or some type of plumbers leak repair to fix it. 2) Same as #1...
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    Is this considered a kill?

    I was bringing a the GN home last night. I noticed a 5.0 Fox body behind me. I ran my speed up to about 70mph to let him no I was willing to play. After cruising through town he followed me onto some open highway. He was about five car lengths behind me. I saw him nail it and waited until...
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    12" Brake Upgrade Questions

    I was at a yard on Saturday and found an '82-'92 Caprice w/ the calipers, spindles, a-arms, dust shields, pedals, mater cylinder and vac booster. I'm planning on taking everything, but the a-arms and rotors. Is it worth my time to take the master cylinder and vac booster? Will it work w/ the...
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    Turbo Crank Part # / 84-85 block .vs. 86-87 block

    Normally I would try to find answers to these questions on Any help is appreciated. 1) What is the part # for the turbo crank w/ the rolled fillets? What years were these cranks produced? 2) What are the major differences between an 84/85 block .vs. an 86/87 block? How...
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    The Dark Side has Called & The Financial Gods have Answered!!!

    Well, I've been a member for some time here, but mostly a lurker. I decided in the spring that I would start saving for a Turbo Buick. I figured one year, but it looks like it's going to happen sooner. Some money has presented itself and along w/ my savings, I have the cash. I've found the...