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    Good place for engine rebuild in Oklahoma

    Does anyone know of a good place in or around Oklahoma to get a quality engine build? I sold my GN to a friend and it need some engine work. He is wanting to build the engine for 700hp. Any suggestions of where the best place to take it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Compression test problem

    I finally got the time to do a compression test on my 87 gn; however, I can't get the fitting that goes into the spark plug out of the spark plug hole. I would turn the hose but it would just spin around the fitting. How can I get the fitting out??? Thanks
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    Does is matter where each of the pushrods go? Or can any pushrod go in any hole?
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    Cam Sensor Tool

    I'm looking for a Casper's cam sensor tool. If anyone has one they want to sell let me know. Thanks, shipping to zip 74014
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    Just to make sure

    Ok...I've been in the (slow) process of changing the timing chain on my 87 GN when I get time off work, and I want to make sure everything is right before I reassemble. I know the cam and crack gears spun independent of each other when the teeth in the gears broke off. So, here is what I've...
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    I finished putting everything back together after changing the timing chain, and when I tried to start it it wouldn't turn over and there was smoke coming out of the air filter along w/a burning smell. What could have caused this??? Thanks
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    Valve cover bolts

    I am looking for the passenger side valve cover bolt that holds the boost solenoid. If anyone has one for sale let me know. Thanks,
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    Valve cover bolts

    Does anyone know where I can get some valve cover bolts? In particular the passenger side bolt that holds the boost solenoid. Thanks
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    Where does this go???

    Does anyone know where this ring goes on my 87 GN?
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    Valve cover bolts

    Does anybody know where I could get a new set of valve cover bolts??? I broke the passenger side bolt that holds the boost solenoid. I figured I should get a new set. Thanks
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    Harmonic Balancer

    Does anyone know if the 87 GN balancer is the same as any other vehicle???
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    Finding dead center

    I'm putting a new timing chain on and I know that the cam gear rotated while the bottom gear didn't. So many teeth were broke off the factory cam gear that the chain was really loose. I have everything off the engine up to the block itself, including the oil pan. How can I line up the cam, and...
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    What is this???

    These pics are from my 87 gn. The sensor is located on the passenger side of the engine under the turbo, next to the water pump. The pipe goes up to the turbo.
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    Car died w/o warning

    I have been in the process of trying to figure out my sputtering/choking/loading problem for quite some time now. I ran low on fuel a couple of months ago and it seemed to start from then on. At first, the car would run good until about 10min after driving, then it would sputter upon...
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    K and N filter

    Does anyone know the K and N part number for the 9" cone filter for 87 GN???
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    I ran very low on fuel a couple weeks ago, and since then my GN runs rough. I changed out my fuel pump and fuel filter, but it still doesn't drive any better. It will run good for the first 10 minutes when I leave in the morning, but after that when I accelerate it hesitates alot. It sounds...
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    Tires rubbing bad

    I just lowered my 87 GN with the belltech 2" drop spindles and the tires are rubbing over the littlest bumps. I have 245/60/15 all the way around. What size tires do I need to have no rubbing at all? Or do I need different shocks or what? thanks
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    Lowering buick ?

    I have an 87 GN and am wanting to lower it some. I heard about the drop spindles from belltech. Do I need to get any new springs or do I just need the drop spindles??? On a side note, where is the best place to go for parts to fix my t-top leak?
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    700r4 tranny problems

    I have an 87 gn with a 700r4 tranny installed. I know I should have stuck with the 200, it would have saved me lots of $$. Anyway, when I get up past 85 mph it is already red-lining and it just doesn't feel right. I don't want to blow the motor so I stopped at 90-95 mph. Does anyone know what...
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    translator connections

    I have an 87 GN and I just got a 3" impala ss maf and translator. The translator connects fine to the ss maf, but doesn't fit to my stock maf connection. Did I get the wrong translator? Is there any adapter that I can get to make this work, or can I splice the wires together? Thanks, Jon.