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    Parts Bowling Green bumper fillers more

    I have a set of front and rear fiberglass bumper fillers new, primer gray, $100 for set. Have 1987 Buick Regal grille no damage $20, have maroon and blue drivers side stock plastic pillars $10 each. I'll be at the BG show today 9/16/17 my cell is 502-751-5362.
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    One piece rear bumper filler

    I know it's a long shot but I'm interested.
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    2 drivers side pillars Blue and Maroon

    I have one blue and one maroon drivers side pillars. The blue is in good shape just has little fading on the sides showed in pictures not the wide side that faces driver though. The maroon has no sun fading and is in good shape. I'm asking $20 for blue and $25 for maroon, obo. You pay shipping...
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    2016 Buick GS Nats Dates Announced!

    I stayed at a KOA campground north of Bowling Green last year and my car was safe, also was quite relaxing setting. Just something to think about to keep your car safe. There is one in Bowling Green as well but never been there to KOA north of Bowling Green. They had room for my truck and car on...
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    Need set of poly motor mounts

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    hr partsnstuff poly engine mounts and mini starter

    I'll take the motor mounts if anything falls through.
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    HR polyurethane motor mounts

    If anything falls through I'll take them.
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    Motor Mount bolt sizes?

    I was replacing the motor mounts on my 87 GN as they are original and need it badly. I am replacing them with a new stock set. But I came across an issue the driver side does not have the bolts. I was wondering if anyone can tell me the stock sizes and thread patterns. I didn't want to take the...
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    Need set of poly motor mounts

    Need a set of poly motor mounts. Thank you all, Nic.
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    Hardtop weatherstrip retainer

    Hello by weather strip do you mean for around the doors? If so I have some new after market not GM.
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    Parting Out TSM Car

    Messaged you about the motor mounts.
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    Lowering springs and or shocks for front.

    I would like to lower the front of my car and want to see if anyone has springs and shocks to do this? Thanks, Nic.
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    Tires needed front runners.

    Looking for a good set of front tires for my car. I have on there now MT 26x7.5 on 15 inch wheels. I want to get the same size tire 26x7.5x15. Thanks, Nic.
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    Stock intercooler question...

    Coelacanth, thank you for sharing your pictures and info on your detail job! I will try some of your methods!
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    Stock intercooler question...

    Thank you all, it helps a lot. I pulled my stock intercooler off and cleaned it up and I stripped the paint off and I polished it up I'll post a pic of it, looks great!
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    Stock intercooler question...

    I was cleaning up under my hood and taking a few things off to paint. The stock intercooler still has the shroud on it, but in poor shape. Does anyone run with the stock shroud off and if so does it really make much of a difference that I'd notice any difference in the car running hotter?
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    Hey I'm looking for a set of poly motor mounts.
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    Need a set of polyurethane motor mounts

    Need a set of polyurethane motor mounts.
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    Fan is not kicking on at all, overheating.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Fan is not kicking on at all, overheating.

    Thanks for the info! Thanks for the help guys can't wait to figure out the problem this weekend.