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    1988 Olds Cutlass Turbo LS

    What is the price? Very impressive
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    87 Turbo T WE4

    Some more pics will stir some interest. I really like it at this point
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    And so it begins

    Somebody bought a great GN
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    87 T Type Turbo

    Thank you it is a really clean and well preserved car. And runs even better. All credits to the 30 year ownership from 1987 to 2018.
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    87 T Type Turbo

    Thank you much
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    87 T Type Turbo

    Car is SOLD today. Thank you
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    87 T Type Turbo

    Yes it is in Carlisle, Pa. Check the schedule online.
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    87 T Type Turbo

    Yes siree
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    87 T Type Turbo

    Thank you and i will update this with any news
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    87 T Type Turbo

    Sale pending.
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    87 T Type Turbo

    Last price drop to 23,500$ until i take this T out to Spring Carlisle, Pa in June...
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    Who sells this gauge pod? Not crazy for the 3 pod A pillar style.

    I personally rely on my automatic trans. to grab first to second especially with the tires breaking loose. I don’t want to harm the engine and over rev it...
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    87 T Type Turbo

    Very cool and thanks for the compliments. Buick did pull off some option stunts in these cars I believe.
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    87 T Type Turbo

    Thanks. That is a very nice T that you posted. Drove mine yesterday.
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    87 T Type Turbo

    Price reduction to $24,000.
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    White 87 T central fl

    Get ready for the picture collectors and phone / texter ghosts that follow here!
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    1974 bronco

    Check out and consider BAT. Bring A Trailer is hopping with Broncos and vintage muscle Fords. They get alot of action.
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    Housing market / mortgages ??

    I believe this Summer the housing market will be very active again in the areas that slowed or fell off.