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  1. WE4REAL

    First tuning

    After waiting forever to do so, I finally ordered a "Window Racer" for my TR. Windows have been really slow since I've had it. I have it hooked up correctly as far as I know. I only get a solid red light and only a flicker of green. The green flashes when I connect or disconnect the ground wire...
  2. WE4REAL

    Anyone in the GSCA?

    I renewed my subscription for this year back in September and have not received an issue yet. Anyone else get theirs? Just curious. Wished it was still 6 issues a year instead of 4.
  3. WE4REAL

    How hard to replace dash bulbs?

    My cruise light and hi-beam indicator light are not working. I was wondering how difficult they are to change and are they special bulbs? It's an 87 WE4 w/digital dash from the factory. Thanks for any insight.
  4. WE4REAL

    Where to tap for signal to amp

    I installed a amp/sub combo and have no pink wire(antenna lead) to splice for a signal to cut the amp on. I plugged into the battery port on the fuseblock and the unit worked. Just not sure where a safe place to get power from. My car originally had and still has a broken power antenna. The pink...
  5. WE4REAL

    Adding Amp to Factory Radio

    Planning on using an AudioControl LC21 and running an amp to power the rear speakers and a sub/subs. I'll let the radio power the dash speakers. What kind of amp, channel wise do I need? And power wise. Don't need crazy loud, just better than what I have now. Of course, I could skip the subs and...
  6. WE4REAL

    Any Pinball fans/owners?

    I've been playing pinball since I was 11 or 12. I've gathered a few over the years(All faves from my youth). A real time capsule vibe, kinda like our Buicks. I know I am not the only pinhead here!! I learned how to fix/repair them somewhat. Nothing like bringing one back to life after being dead...
  7. WE4REAL

    26 year TR owner now onboard

    I visit this site often and finally decided to join. I've had my 87 WE4 for 26 years now. I've put over 100,000 miles on her and at one time a daily driver. I have been a fan of these cars for a long time now. Looking forward to the experience.