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  1. TJH88

    WTB Red/Burgundy lighted sun visor.

    So here's the deal. 86 GN I've now had for over a year now. I've been working on getting everything updated and fought a miss for quite a while. Ran down a bad MAF and a stripped bolt on the negative battery cable. I updated to the MAF to the LS1 and fixed the cable. I had it running good and...
  2. TJH88

    Missing issue. Runs good until the headlights are turned on.

    I bought an 86 the beginning of the year. I had a used one from 87-91 and have been out of the business since. This 86 is in pretty decent shape but hasn't been drove much since 05. Ran like a champ with new plugs, wires and all the easy goodies. It had an aftermarket radio hardwired in. I...
  3. TJH88

    Another wheel tire fitment question

    I'm looking at TSW Valencia 17 x 8 20mm offset front and back (only showing the 17 x 8 or I'd go with 17 x 9 on the rear) with BFGoodrich 245/45R17 on the front and 275/40R17 on the rear. I've got Ridetech coilovers on the way for the front and back. I want all the meat without rolling the...