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    AC Delco AC compressor part number? this may help
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    Vacuum setup problem: pedal feels good, but braking is weak.

    I would rebleed the brakes first as this is usually the source of soft braking on a changeover.
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    Smoothing down the oil filter housing

    When I did mine I turned it about thirty degrees after a few minutes...I stole the figure eight idea from Earl.
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    Smoothing down the oil filter housing

    Use 220 wet and dry with lite oil lubricant and make figure eights on a sheet of glass. Will take a little time but you will have control over the removal process.
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    Missing vacum lines?
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    passenger side vacuum lines
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    Lt4 starter users.... Shims?????

    I also did not use any shims and reused the stock bolts.
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    Ta Performance front cover...

    Mike took alot of time to redesign the factory cover for maximum flows. He has the casting made to his specifications and does ALL the machining.
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    Black paint on wheels?

    Ditto on the SEM product but pay attention to the preperation as the cleaner it is the longer the paint will stay on.
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    ses light on this should help
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    An oil test that shows ZDDPlus may not help - Richard C, please look

    If you would take the time and read the full information that Richard produced to explain the ZDDP concept, you would not have either made the statements or made yourself look like a fool.
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    Antenna Fuse? fuse #11
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    Vacuum Ball

    The ball is simply a vacuum storage container and has NO requirement for location due to gravity. You have a loss of vacum that is creating your problems. Investigate all the vacuum connections and lines.
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    Car cranks, no start, doesn't move in neutral

    The not being able to move in neutral points to shift linkage adjustment (the car was not really in neutral). This would also put your neutral safety switch in the wrong position.
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    Total longshot here - t-top seal replacement diagram Nothing visual but a good outline
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    Brake light issues

    You had not mentioned the turn signal switch replacement in your description. Are you confusing the stalk and the switch?? The turn signal switch assembly is the usual culprit in these situations.
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    Cat or test pipe?

    Gut the cat and reinstall
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    Pinion angle question

    This may help you with the graphic display of driveshaft angles.
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    My car hates me ( wont start ) Please help !!!
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    Battery Drain this may help