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    What's up???

    What's shaking guys? Any of the old gang left on here? The only one I see active is STH Chuck.
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    Need help with Kirban steering column lock...

    Long story short I finally got ambition to get Old Reliable going again. After a year and half of sitting the keys are missing now. It has a red Kirban steering column lock on it. Does anyone know how to get one of these off with out completely destroying it? Thanks,
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    Turbo 400 driveshaft length

    What is the length of a driveshaft for a Turbo 400 conversion? I remember it's in the neighborhood of 50". Does anyone know the exact length? Thanks,
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    How to wire a Two Step and a Transbrake?

    Has anyone here wired up a Two Step and a transbrake on a relay yet? I need to do it tomorrow night and could use some Cliffnotes. My transbrake currently is wired direct. Thanks,
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    FS 1986 Grand National

    A good friend of mine is selling his 1986 Grand National. It has 60K on it and has been garage kept since 1988 when he bought it. He is very particular about his cars and it shows. It was just repainted last year because the original fillers and spoiler wouldn’t hold a shine anymore. Yes, that’s...
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    Powerplate becomes a restriction???

    At what point does a Powerplate become a restriction? I remember reading on here that one of the higher horsepower cars made more horsepower with out one. Yes, I know Jason Cramer went into the nines with one. I know that is going to be one of the first posts. :D
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    2 1/2 rear springs

    Has anybody here converted the rear suspension over to 2 1/2 coilover springs? It seems like a good alternative to the stockers. Plus they would be adjustable.
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    Hemco vs Precsion Plenums

    I was always under the impression Precision plenums were the hot ticket. So I finally upgraded my stock throttle body and plenum with a Power Plate to a 62/65 mm throttle body and Precision plenum with a Power Plate. To be honest if I wouldn't of gotten a good deal on the set I would of stuck...
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    Need GM part #'s

    Does anyone know what the part #s are for the plastic inserts that are in transmission shifter lever? Or if they are even available? They are roughly 1.00X.625 and oval in shape. They are for the rod that connects to the steering column. I lost one of mine and need to replace it.
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    ATI reverse Manual for a Turbo 350

    I just had it pulled out last week for a transbrake. It is a ATI reverse manual with band apply. It worked fine, just wanted a transbrake. Asking $100 plus the ride. Thanks,
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    Roll cage front bars

    Hopefully this fall/winter I want to finish my cage in my car. I would like to run the front runners of the cage through the dash instead of in front of it. I've never been a big fan of a cage that runs in front of the dash because they stick out like a sore thumb from the side of the car. Does...
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    75# Delphi Injectors

    I'm selling 6 Delphi 75# injectors that were just professionally cleaned. They were originally purchased and flowed by Precision Turbo. I upgraded to 95#ers so I no longer need them. Asking $225 plus shipping.
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    FS-TSI 3700-4100 10” Converter

    FS- GM TH-350-400 Big Shot 10HS XHD 3700-4100 RPM It has about 2 months of street use (under 1000 miles) and zero passes on it. It’s a good converter, just way to loose for my current combination. Here is a link to it GM TH-350-400 Big Shot 10HS XHD 3700-4100 RPM Transmission Specialties, Inc...
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    FireCore50 plug wires

    Just saw FireCore50 plug wires on YB and was wondering if anybody has tried them yet Custom Wire Sets & Performance Products, LLC :: FireCore50 8.5mm Wires :: FACTORY FIT :: BUICK :: 3.8 Buick Grand National . I don't think that you will have a problem with the boots getting burnt!!!! :D
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    Mallory Distributor on a Buick V6

    Has anybody ever used a Mallory Distributor on a Buick V6. I found a pretty good deal on a new billet one. Are they compatible with a MSD box? It looks like they use a optical eye (?) and MSD uses magnets.
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    FS 5" Autometer tach

    I was cleaning out my junk and found my old Autometer 5" Sport-Comp 10,000 RPM that I was using before I got my shift light tach. Right after I got it the light blew in it and I sent it back to get the light repaired. Instead of fixing it they sent me a new one. It does not have a lot of use...
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    High stall converter and daily driving

    Last summer I put a 4000 rpm stall converter in my car, but did not drive it any. Last Monday night I finally took it out for the first time in a year. But when I was cruising through the gears it did not feel right when it shifted into high gear. It almost felt like the transmission was low in...
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    Powerplate and plenum spacer

    I've got a RJC Powerplate for a stock plenum and a 1/2 inch phenolic plenum spacer. I would like to get $40.00 for the power plate and $25.00 for the spacer. Add real shipping and Paypal charges. I've upgraded to a PTE Plenum, so I no longer need these. Pictures are here...
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    Three letter word searches

    JayC or Shane, Is there anyway that you can set the search database so that three letter words can be searched? Considering 75% of my searches are sensor information related, TPS, IAC, MAT, 3 BAR MAP etc. Without this feature these searches are a pain in the ass. I just did a search on trying...
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    Weldon 1000-A Fuel Pump

    Does anyone have any experience with the Weldon 1000-A Fuel Pump // WELDON RACING PUMPS // 1100 HP Inline Fuel Pump -- Weldon Racing Pumps . It looks like a bridge between the 2015 and the 2025 pumps. Their website does not have any technical information about it other than the basics. Which is...