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    Performance Parts for Sale: 3" ATR Single Shot Exhaust, HRpartsnstuff LCA's, Champion Iron Heads/Racetronix Fuel Lines, Double Pumper, 120lb Injectors

    Have quite a few parts for sale. Most are new, never used: -ATR 3" Single Shot Exhaust. Good Used Condition with original muffler. A hangar was relocated, tailpipe is tack welded on. Catalytic Converter/Test Pipe hangar is a little bent up. $700. Local $650. -Kenne Bell 11" Filter. Used. $35...
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    CRUZ Performance END of Year Special for 2017

    Same problems here...."shop" doesn't load anything when clicking.
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    PreOrders ready....XFI Under Seat Mount

    coach do we just send you $65, write what it is for and our address?
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    Looking for 10 Sec Motor

    contact turboburick, he's in Mokena. I bought a built short block (109 block with crank, rods, pistons) from him about a month or so ago. He was was big on asking for a core block so not sure if he has another motor or not but it's worth a shot. Smooth & easy transaction however, I haven't ran...
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    Concert sound lower door panels

    Also have a set. Driver quality. Message me if your interested and I can send over pictures.
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    Front seat belts

    I might have some in my storage unit. Looking for both or just one seat belt? If I do have them, they will be in driver quality.
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    4 front gta wheels

    Price? I'm in Lemont
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    2017 Itasca GS/GN event

    Just ordered a shirt. Will be in attendance too.
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    Oil Catch Can

    Thanks Rick. Are you still located in the mokena area? I'm in Lemont, need some advice on a motor build; would love to talk to you.
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    one-piece air dam - SOLD

    Do $80 plus the ride, give me a shipping quote to zip code 60439 (southwest burbs of chicago) please ?
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    time to upgrade need sugestions

    Don't waste your money on the slic. Find a used a duttweiler neck stock intercooler, turbo is the limiting factor right now.
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    Oil Catch Can

    Thank you! Will be contacting him.
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    Oil Catch Can

    Does any vendor make a complete oil catch can kit with the canister, hoses, fittings, and mounting bracket? Would rather buy from a vendor before I start to piece my own together. I know I can't be the only wanting this.
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    Fast xfi 2step

    I'll take it. Message me your paypal address.
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    HR sway bar and lowers

    texted you.