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    86-87 Throttle cable and Behind dash vent duct.

    Both needed A.S.A.P. Let me know hat you got.Thanks
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    Please pray for Greg Friend and his wonderful family(AKA Mean Buicks)

    Please pray for Greg and his family.I know that alot of you guys know Greg and what a Great and very intelligent guy he is.He has been a very close friend,more like a brother to me and several guys around us.Greg is not expected to make it through the night but that is what they have been saying...
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    Victor head gasket part #

    Does any one know the current part #.Seems the #3797 is not available anymore.Got some from Kirban and they are #3777,are these correct?
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    Who can weld Stock drivers headers on here

    I have 2 or 3 factory drivers side headers I need welded correctly and wondering if anyone on this site could do it.They have never been welded on before so will not will not be repairing someone elses nightmare.Thanks
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    High side a/c line

    I need a nice high side line from the evaporator to the condenser for 86-87 Turbo Buick.Thanks
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    Vendors @ Bowling Green 2015

    What vendors will be in Bowling Green in 2 weeks?
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    Eticket Excellent

    Bought exhaust from this member and is just as described,VERY NICE SYSTEM.Shipping was very Quick.If he has something you need,BUY IT!!!!!!!Thanks alot John (Eticket)
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    My new Hybrid 1984 Hurst Olds

    Traded for this about a month ago.Getting everything cleaned and polished up.Trying to decide which way to go with it:Stock appearing,Fast,Pro Touring etc.What do you guys think?
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    Check this intake out

    Not mine but kinda rare :
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    For you Hot Air Guys & Gals
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    "PRICE DROP"GN Wheels Caps and New Tires for sale

    This is a Nice set of GN chrome wheels,center caps and Brand New 0 miles Firestone Firehawk tires.The tires are staggered 235/60/15 Fronts and 255/60/15 Rears that give the GN's a perfect stance.I am asking 900.00 for these.The tires alone were $620.00 mounted and balanced.
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    Selling separate NOW" GN Aluminum repro wheels and BFG tires 15x8 and 15x10

    I have a set of 15x8 and 15x10 gn aluminum wheels with BFG Radial T/A Tires.Wheels and tires have no more than 500 miles on them and are perfect.This setup new runs about $1900.00-2000.00 with shipping,mounting and balancing etc.I am asking $1300.00.
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    Red Armstrong?

    Does anyone know why Red and Jane didn't make Bowling Green this year.I looked for them but didn't see them nor did anyone else I talked to.I hope everything is alright with them and do not recall Red ever missing that event.
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    Who's going to Bowling Green

    Let's get the list started.:)And what are you taking?
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    Need new fuel sending unit?

    Where is the best place to buy a furl:Dsending unit that is correct for 86 GN with analog dash.
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    Vendors at Bowling Green

    Is there a list of Vendors attending the GS Nats yet?
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    Stock style timing set?

    Where can I buy the stock style plastic tooth cam gear?
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    Radiator box in rubber pieces

    I need the three rubber radiator box in pieces in good shape and not dried out if any exist.Thanks
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    Drivers side windshield molding

    I need a drivers side black windshield molding in good shape,main thing is no dents.I will have it powdercoated so paint condition is not real important.Thanks
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    Is GBody still around

    Just wondering,Need to order alot of stuff,but I see Brian has not been on this site in quite a while.Maybe I should check other places for what I need.