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    Torque Reduction on Shift 200-4R

    Gentlemen and Trans Gurus, Has anyone done any work in the area of torque reduction during the shifting on a 200? I understand that the shifting is not done electrically and therefore the timing would be difficult to sync precisely but it really seems like a worthwhile project for those wanting...
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    Classic Fast with 2 bad injector drivers

    It appears that we have 2 bad drivers in this sequential box. We are running a 4 cylinder and I am wondering if it is possible to simply connect to 2 of the unused injector wires and continue to use the box. If so, would it be possible to maintain the individual cylinder control of fuel...
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    Thanks-A-Million to Speed Pro / FAST

    First off - Thanks to the Buick guys for advancing turbo technology in leaps and bounds and allowing brand "F" to post to this board and absorb the wealth of info available here. :) Secondly I want to say Thanks to Lance and Craig for their development and support of the Fel Pro / Speed Pro...