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    Duttweiller motored T stolen

    my gun metal grey 1986 T Type with S2 Duttweiller got stolen from the parking lot of our shop sunday around 1:30 pm vin #1g4gk4778gp438913. It does have a gnx type wheels and moonroof. there's also a $10k reward leading to the arrest of the thieves and recovery of the car , we caught the 2...
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    wtb diesel trucks

    wtb Ford diesel trucks 7.3 or 6.0
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    pro-efi fuel management for e85 buick turbos

    Has anyone heard of Pro-Efi ecm used on Buick turbos that runs on e-85? i have this system on my 2010 Nissan GTR and you can run either use pump gas or e-85 whichever is available.
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    FEELER... Duttweiller Stage 2 86 T

    Thinkin of thinning my herd so i'm tryin to find out if there's any interest for this beautiful car. It's an 86 T gunmetal grey with factory moonroof it says 46k miles on the title and odometer and it shows it on the exterior and underbody (bought this car 3 years ago i believed) and it could be...
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    Stage 2 twin turbo set up donor...

    I'm lookin for an interesting donor to house my Stage 2 twin 60-1s set up complete with everything; 274 cid off center fully assembled with ported BGC intake,400tranny,fmic,fast ecm,Msbc,150 lbs injectors, etc... somethin unique kind of car to handle over a thousand hp. I will pay cash or one of...
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    S2 Twin Turbo

    I'm gauging interest to sell a built Stage 2 motor with twin turbo set up complete with two 60-1s,custom Mease intake,intercooler,injectors,no headers. I will post the specs as early as next Monday. Absolutely will not sell separately. The motor is located in Camden, NJ and if you are serious...
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    911 turbo body..

    I have a very nice 911 turbo RS with wide a butt configuration that currently has a SBC and a 5 speed Porsche in it. Lookin for infos on installing a GN motor and a turbo 400 tranny in it, don't know if possible but maybe worth the try? My donor car is currently a complete running car with...
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    racing a fresh motor

    I'm buying a newly built girdled 109 with a full sroker kit, fast b to b,83 inj,and 70 turbo, turbo 400,etc.. etc... Do u need to do a break in procedure or it can be race right off the bat? built and tuned by Billy Anderson, MD thanks for the input
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    WE 4 with 10k miles

    Can anyone check a car for me for a fee or whatever in Hobart, Indiana? i normally buy a car sight unseen but this one i need some help from fellow club members it's a WE 4 10k orig miles, stroker built with FAST, etc.. LMK
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    WE 4 10k miles from Indiana

    Anyone close to this place? Hobart, Indiana 46342? Black 87 WE 4 10k miles, stroker built, FAST,etc. ad #2211736 can someone on here check the car for me for a fee or whatever? I normally buy a car sight unseen but not for this one i need a fellow club member to...
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    2008 c 300 4 matic premium

    SELL or TRADE 2008 C300 4 MATIC with AMG Package and premium options including all glass roof silver/black. I can add cash towards a GNX or a low mile unmodded GN if needed. 46k and still under factory warranty with brand new Contis and accident free title with one owner See it here...
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    W t b gnx

    Looking to score a GNX if anyone wants to unload one
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    Looking to purchase an 04 Mazda MX-5 Speed (turbo), manual only, anyone?
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    looking to buy a rolller....

    My on-center S2 motor is looking for a new home show me what u got for sale, no TRs please i'm looking for something unique for show and go not an all out race car. Send infos to
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    lookin to buy a used/new turbo

    Anyone with a used/new 70 series or comparable size turbo for sale? ball bearing or non-ball bearing will do, i'm in South Jersey let me know what you got. Thanks
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    87 White Limited

    for sale is an 87 Buick Limited T with original 89k miles you can see it here @ $9,500, obo. PM me if u have any interest. The extrior paint could use a professional buffing or repaint if u are a perfectionist but mechanically no issues and runs perfect previously owned...
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    stalling after a burnout....

    need some opinions why the car keeps stalling after a burnout (footbrake) or mid to 3/4 throttle but the fuel pump is still running. There's no issues with the current set up in the past and had gone in the high 9s @ 140. Is this a sign that the fuel pump is dying and needs replacement? vacuum...
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    86 T with Twin Turbo for sale

    Am i on the right place to sell this car? please let me know:biggrin: An original 86 Regal Turbo T built 383 with twin 61s. Cheap too for what it's got and what it can do after its final sorting out dyno tuning by Otto. (hopefully in the next 2 weeks)
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    Aerospace components

    anyone knows where to get in touch with this company? my front passenger side brake system took a crap:mad: thanks
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    check this stage 2 T for sale

    check it out here but don't mind what the dealer wrote they have no idea the specs will be posted soon if someone could move the photos here that will be good.