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    MAGNA Monthly Meet NJ Sun July 19th Sonic

    i'll be in taking Godzilla for an exercise, lol, hopefully next month i'll be able to bring a Buick powered machine
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    2009 Mti 20' + 4'v ALL ALUMINUM enclosed trailer

    nice lightweight trailer, glws OP
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    1987 D84 designers turbo t.

    i bought 2 TRs from the OP in the span of about 6 years he is honest in my book
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    1987 GN Stage 2 twin turbo

    congrats marley! lmk when she's up and ready for exercise
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    MAGNA February PA Meet - 2/21/2015 @ Hooters in Northeast Philadelphia

    yeah man! i'm comin loved their fish and chip
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    GMC Syclone for sale

    been to that shop you're referring to it's home to some of the fastest Buicks in south Jersey
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    1987 GN Stage 2 twin turbo

    for anyone procastinating i have a feeling this car is goin back to NJ soon
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    1985 Lamborghini Countach hybrid

    hello OP, there's no way to fit a 2004r on this Lambo replica?
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    FS OHIO 1992 Aspen Blue GMC Typhoon "Lethal Weapon 3" Truck

    hello OP, what State are you located?
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    1987 Buick Regal Turbo Limited 1 of 1,035

    hey rafael, it says 800 rwhp on your sig is it the same car? thanks
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    Museum quality 87 GN, 1,400 orig miles.

    no doubt about the authenticity of the T top GN, nationwide exposure will sell this GN for maybe more it's a matter of the right time and place, glws sir
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    1987 GN Stage 2 twin turbo

    i remembered taking a test drive from the original owner of this car he is a doctor from Louisiana (i'm from NJ) and i bought the car on the spot it was incredible! Sold it later to Dave the current owner due to family stuff. I used to drive it on the street and take it to shows and always a...
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    Turbo Buick Powered Show Car: 1989 Iroc Z $22995

    very nice toy and being a hardtop is a plus.
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    85 regal w/turbo 6.0 LS motor

    hey Lee what's the approximate hp for the turbo car? heat and front defroster still workin?
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    GNX 314 FOR SALE

    it's such a great price imho, is there any issues? i'll pm Dennis.
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    GNX 314 FOR SALE

    Dennis, do you have a deposit now? thanks
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    1992 Camaro Z28 Turbocharged TTA-Z28 3.8 w/ (TTA) Grand National Drivetrain

    looks nice and clean, a lot of work went into this toy, glws OP
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    87 Buick GN (9.90 street car)

    text me here (no phone call unless really serious) so i can send close ups shot directly to you 856 426 9607
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    87 Buick GN (9.90 street car)

    I bought this car back from the OP 7 months ago as he has too many cars and he added a 2014 C7 to his collections. The motor has been freshened up and will be ready for dyno tuning in a week or so. I would like to sell her as is and pick your own tuner or sell her fully tuned by a well known...
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    87 gn frame off restored everything new must see

    nice car , what's the original chassis miles?