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  1. RED LS1

    GNS Performance Tach Bracket

    I'm sure it is. I just look at the way the two pieces fit together and don't see how you wouldn't put tension on them with a bracket in between.
  2. RED LS1

    GNS Performance Tach Bracket

    Got any pics? Does it move the dash surround material where it will do it harm over time? I really need to put a tach in my car.
  3. RED LS1

    F-Body Radiator upgrade

    Rock Auto options for V8 Regal seem to show the trans cooler lines in the front and no oil cooler. I'm okay with making that work but you're saying yours do not need any modification. I see the 162 G-body options. None are Spectra but I understand the 162 is correct for the car now. Thanks
  4. RED LS1

    F-Body Radiator upgrade

    Have you used one?
  5. RED LS1

    F-Body Radiator upgrade

    Thanks. I will keep that in mind. Do you have the oil cooler running through it and external trans cooler?
  6. RED LS1

    F-Body Radiator upgrade

    Hi, guys. I know this topic has been discussed in detail. I am going to buy one for my car but a few things are unclear. The old posts say they are a 1 core but the ones on Rock auto are labeled 2 core. Just wanna make sure that today, in June of 2022, this thing still has the same fitment as...
  7. RED LS1

    Bother the mechanic….

    I wouldn't say you need to pop in, but if the place is a reasonable driving distance I wouldn't be above drive by's to see if it's where it's supposed to be and not sitting out in the lot and pushed to the side.
  8. RED LS1

    Bother the mechanic….

    How far do you live from the shop that has the car? Is it driving distance?
  9. RED LS1

    Ok somewhat confused with boost control

    If you haven't watched it, I suggest it. It doesn't deal with your boost control question directly but it touches on many surrounding topics you should be familiar with.
  10. RED LS1

    Ok somewhat confused with boost control

    This is a good video to watch. This video tells you exactly what your chip is capable of and how to use it to make your car safe. You can spare a lot of money and aggravation if you spend some time and watch this all the way through.
  11. RED LS1

    Oil Splash Guard instead of Valley Pan Gasket

    I was considering 1200's and the pan recently. I bought them plus a OE pan style. After comparing them, I realized the Pan gasket fit much more to my liking and there wouldn't be a benefit to the 1200's. I have Champion Irons.
  12. RED LS1

    Scanmaster tuning mode trigger

    Yes, that was a weird title. Does anyone know what the scanmaster reads to trigger the tuning mode in LV8? Specifically, when you're dropping the gas pedal down 3 times is it looking for a certain TPS voltage to trigger it? Is Bob Bailey the scanmaster guy in case I need to reach out to the...
  13. RED LS1

    Shifter cable needed. Anyone use Gbody parts one?

    I ended up buying one from Gbody. If I wasn't totally over budget on my motor freshen up I would have bought the NOS one in a second.
  14. RED LS1

    Shifter cable needed. Anyone use Gbody parts one?

    I just realized I broke mine. Has anyone tried the Gbodyparts one? There are some other options at Kirban, Mike's Montes and Rock auto.
  15. RED LS1

    Trans pan cork gasket; install dry or w/silicone?

    I would either use a very thin coating of Right stuff RTV or even spray it with a spray. But I wouldn't put it on dry. In fact, I would throw it out and get a duroprene style gasket and then you can install it dry. Whatever you do, consider going around the bolts a few times in the next few...
  16. RED LS1

    255/50/16 Drag Radials

    I have the Mickey Thompson Radial SS tires. They're 255/60. They work great on the street. The car went from doing rolling burnouts at any speed to hooking and pulling like a train.
  17. RED LS1

    First PL log, need help!

    Great channel. No fancy music, editing, endless talking. Just valuable Turbo Buick Information.
  18. RED LS1

    Anyone running 255/60 M/T Drag radials?

    I'm having the hardest time choosing wheels for my GN. I have to do something though as the BFG's with 25psi on alky with a 62/62 is just not working out for me. I'm thinking of the 255/60 M/T street Radial on the stock rim for now. I'd hate to spend $400 on rear tires and have the car still put...
  19. RED LS1

    Buick Motorosport Outside stickers

    I thought Coach here on the board was making these but I could be wrong.