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  1. RED LS1

    F-Body Radiator upgrade

    Hi, guys. I know this topic has been discussed in detail. I am going to buy one for my car but a few things are unclear. The old posts say they are a 1 core but the ones on Rock auto are labeled 2 core. Just wanna make sure that today, in June of 2022, this thing still has the same fitment as...
  2. RED LS1

    Scanmaster tuning mode trigger

    Yes, that was a weird title. Does anyone know what the scanmaster reads to trigger the tuning mode in LV8? Specifically, when you're dropping the gas pedal down 3 times is it looking for a certain TPS voltage to trigger it? Is Bob Bailey the scanmaster guy in case I need to reach out to the...
  3. RED LS1

    Shifter cable needed. Anyone use Gbody parts one?

    I just realized I broke mine. Has anyone tried the Gbodyparts one? There are some other options at Kirban, Mike's Montes and Rock auto.
  4. RED LS1

    Anyone running 255/60 M/T Drag radials?

    I'm having the hardest time choosing wheels for my GN. I have to do something though as the BFG's with 25psi on alky with a 62/62 is just not working out for me. I'm thinking of the 255/60 M/T street Radial on the stock rim for now. I'd hate to spend $400 on rear tires and have the car still put...
  5. RED LS1

    New oil filter lines.

    I'm in search of some new oil lines. Has anyone here used the ones Highway stars sells or know who manufactures them? Have you used them with any luck? I currently have the Classic Tube ones which are nice looking but one failed and caused substantial oil loss. Luckily I caught it in time. I...
  6. RED LS1

    Exhaust hanger.

    Anyone know of a source for the rubber part of the Exhaust hanger? My Rubber is broke in 1/2. Worst part is I just sold a spare one I had around with a great rubber replacement on it. I know I can cut a tire or something i'm just looking for some other options for now before I do that.
  7. RED LS1

    Sharing some engine pics

    I bought this car almost 3 years ago now. It was 100% stock with a very hard 52,000 miles. The engine compartment was a total mess. At first I did some basic things to get me going like inj, chip, MAF, filter. The car ran solid and went 13.80 with no launch. After that I tore down the top end...
  8. RED LS1

    Engine parts.

    -Rare Bowling Green customs Deep Oil pan 20 bolt. Comes with the pick up. this was bought in bowling green in the 90's and saved until I put it on this motor a few years back. $200 shipped. -Crank Pulley - $40 shipped --Water Pump pulley $ 25 shipped -Engine balancer $65 shipped -Metco...
  9. RED LS1

    Misc parts from engine parts out.

    -Rare Bowling Green customs Deep Oil pan 20 bolt. Comes with the pick up. this was bought in bowling green in the 90's and saved until I put it on this motor a few years back. $200 shipped. -Crank Pulley - $40 shipped --Water Pump pulley $ 25 shipped -Engine balancer $65 shipped -Metco...
  10. RED LS1

    Parts from Engine Part out

    I have a bunch of random things from tearing a motor. The car was running fine and daily driven up to a few weeks ago when I pulled it. -Heads - I purchased from someone else and they were fresh from a machine shop at the time. I was told good springs, valves and light cleanup of the ports. I...
  11. RED LS1

    Precision Front Mount intercooler and TR6 ignition

    What you see in the pics. Precision front mount intercooler. Decent condition. Pipes could use a cleanup or polish and have dents at the bottom $700 shipped Baileys TR6 ignition. Worked perfect. $325 shipped
  12. RED LS1

    1987 Buick REGAL T (Turbo) $5500 Roller

    Rolling Chassis - Rolling Chassis - Rolling Chassis! What's missing? Complete motor, trans, Down pipe, intercooler and ECM. With those items this will be a running, complete driver again. Also, the AC stuff is no longer with it including some idiot cut the lines from the AC box. List of...
  13. RED LS1

    Long Block, Weld RTS and other stuff.

    -Full set of Weld RTS wheels. Great set of wheels for the track. They have some fading to the black but still look good and polish up well. Mickey Thompson street Radial tires in good condition front and back. 275-50-15. Plenty of life for the track. The best measurement I can get from the rear...
  14. RED LS1

    Some OEM Engine parts for sale

    Some extra parts for sale Factory headers and crossover ( drivers sided welded) 200 Upper water pump pulley 50 Lower crank pulley 90 Balancer 100 AC Y bracket 30 coolant tube for intake 65 Coil pack bracket (both pieces) 65
  15. RED LS1

    Got some more OEM Engine parts for sale.

    Headers and Crossover(welded driver side) $270 Crank Balancer $135 Crank Pulley $60 Water Pump Pulley $40 Used K&N filter $25 AC Bracket $50 EGR Delete (Not pictured) $20 Coil Flat bracket and support bracket (2 pieces) $75 Coolant tube for Intake $75 Belt Tensioner (Aprx 80k miles) $75 Oil Dip...
  16. RED LS1

    GN1 3.5' DP, Coil pack brackets, gauges, Thermostat housing Belt Tensioner

    GN1 Performance 3.5” down pipe. - fit and worked well has been on car since 2012 - will require an external wastegate. I believe this internal ones stuck. - Had modifications in the center and has a small dent. This was when GN1 pipes were hitting the floor board so it was rotated and modified...
  17. RED LS1

    Some Parts for sale, Gauges, Intake, and more

    3 3/8 Phantom tach with Pedestal $90 shipped. Mounting tabs are missing so must be used on the pedestal. Some slight wear around the bezel but not bad at all. Worked perfect. Auto meter electric fuel pressure C2. Small bezel mark but otherwise nice gauge. # 7163 Cost $259 new sell for $135...
  18. RED LS1

    Turbonetics polished CPT66, Autometer gauges

    Turbonetics Polished Turbo From Cotton's Performance. Model CPT 66 for Buick GN. 3 bolt flange. I believe it's 66/65. It's been with me since new in 2008 and only has a few thousand miles. It was in perfect working order. It comes with a Wastegate i'm not sure what brand but it worked awesome...
  19. RED LS1

    Need tire size for T wheels.

    What was the original front tire size and what else works up there. I'm thinking 225/60
  20. RED LS1

    Valve Body/ Governor combo.

    I'm dealing with some shift timing problems with my 200R4. I'm wondering if there's a go to vendor with a turn key kit. I've tried lightening the governor and making multiple changes to the TV cable. This is a Trans built years back with all the general modifications. I really don't remember the...