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    L&R rear quater glass

    Looking for L&R rear quarter glass with good rubber.
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    Looking to rent 87 GN for wedding pics May 19 2019

    Looking to rent for one day May 19th 2019 for wedding pics. My GN is still apart and will not be finished by then. Just looking to use for pics, no driving. It will be in Barrington IL. Message or call. Thank you Louie 630 956 2083
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    power logger for GN & TTA

    Thinking of purchasing a power logger for Turbo Buick engine. One question is are they really even relevant or needed nowadays due to advances in technology and running? How much is a used one really worth?
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    I've had this car for a few years. It's a 1987 Buick Grand National w/t tops. Its runs and barely drives due to sitting for years. I've installed new fuel pump to get it running. It runs but by no means a dialy driver or 1/4 car. It has alot of upgrades to engine and I recently redid the 8.5...
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    Looking for an original GN oil dipstick. Shipped to Illinois 60016
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    Looking for exhaust new or used from Intermediate pipe back pipes, mufflers, over axle and tails shipped to IL 60016
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    3' MAF pipe

    Looking for a 3 inch MAF pipe Illinois 60016
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    Looking for a complete exhaust system used or new…Illinois 60016
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    1987 GN GRILLE

    Looking for a used, non cracked grille for 87 GN
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    GN 8.5 posi rear end

    Looking for a GN 8.5 posi rear end complete assembly. I'm in Illinois so I'll need it shipped to Grayslake IL 60030. It's a business.
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    Is this the correct 87 GN passenger side inner fender

    Recently purchased. Is this the correct P/S inner fender?
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    P/S Plastic inner fender well

    Looking for a clean one
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    Recently bought 2 86-87 GN engines & transmissions

    Over the weekend i picked up 2 86-87 GN engines and transmissions. One has the BRF tag on it the other 200 has a tag with A A on it with 414 on this a replacement trans installed by the dealer when newer or...
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    89 TTA Engine Headers wiring

    looking for TTA drivetrain, engine trans wiring intercooler etc...
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    Looking for a TTA intercooler, not GN please. PM me through here
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    Torque convt

    Seems like a common torque convertor, blue with red stripe. This guys has a few new. He wants $200 a piece. He knows little about them. Would anyone here know stall?