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    Has anybody used a Wrenchrat turbo kit?

    Very happy to hear that the hot-side showed up safe and sound, there will be another box being shipped out to you tomorrow! :D Thanks, Brian Wolfe Wrenchrat Inc. (509)714-0226
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    Has anybody used a Wrenchrat turbo kit?

    Sorry it took Steve a bit to get back to you, the phone's have been on fire since the Car Craft article came out. We shipped a couple box's out today and yours was one of them (shipping # emailed to you), there is a build sheet with the few piece's on back-order and we are expecting them...
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    TT AC Cobra Vid!!!

    Sorry to hear that, guess you have to ride in it to really feel how the car pulls when it hooks up, vid doesn't do it justice. Brian
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    TT AC Cobra Vid!!!

    sorry, new link.... Brian
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    TT AC Cobra Vid!!!

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, this is with Murillo's tune, 11psi on 17" tires. Having to baby it through 3rd and having a good time. We will have more vid next week....going to put on some Quick Time Pro's, build a cage around the pop can of a driveline. He ran a crotch...
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    Finialy found something worth while.

    Your only 16? How old is this girl? Brian
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    Finialy found something worth while.

    HAHA, hell yea, very nice how it all turned out....way to go. Brian
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    A Darker Shade of Fear - Pt 17

    Hell yea!!! thanks for the story, great read....what are ya working on now? Brian
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    Ran a Mustang at the Track Friday

    Very very nice, I run a mustang but am not like most of the stang owners that think because its a mustang it is unbeatable. Good to see you put that trailer queen and his buddies in place. We were out at the track this weekend with my buddies '67 Camaro, 540ci, nitrous, full bodied, exhaust...
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    Honda S2000

    S2000's are supposed to run high high 13's stock. Brian
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    video worth looking at

    The point behind the video was to show how the car CAN drive around on the street for more than a minute without getting on it to clean it out. Yea the vid was a little boring but very cool at the same time. Chris Chow is in the mid 8's isn't he.....Dan Millen is in the low low 7's....I'd say a...
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    Old kill story but with a new twist. MKIV Supra TT

    Hey man go for it, sounds like a cool girl.....she is out with her friend....single. If you don't you may regret it, wish I could find a girl like that. Brian Pics would be appreciated.
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    A Darker Shade of Fear - Pt 13

    Ahhh yea..... GNX thanks in no small part to the power adders sitting at each front corner of the valve covers Very nice Brian
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    A Darker Shade of Fear - Pt 12

    Excellent......dont keep us waiting to long. Brian
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    03 cobra run

    You and me both. ....More like $10k for the parts...who knows what they payed for labor. Brian
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    When will those Rustangs ever learn!!!

    I give you m4d tyt3 props, not many people have the balls to race in reverse.... especially at 100mph ;) What trany mods do you have? Brian
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    03 cobra run

    Update on the 9.5 second cobra, bigger injectors (55's I think), tuned chip, 8.8 rearend, Mighty might C4, Kenne Bell blower, little shot of nitrous, 6-point cage........STOCK LONGBLOCK, valve covers haven't even been removed. It put down almost 800rwhp and pegged the dyno on...
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    03 cobra run

    Hell if we are just going to talk about the best bang for your dollar setup then lets look at my Mustang. I paid $3600 for it used (from the original owner, 50y/o lady), I have put $4700 into it and have ran 11.12@124 so far and it is mainly setup for turbos. So lets see here, you have a stock...
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    03 cobra run

    I don't think my friend will be making it to Noble for the race, we are up in WA state and didn't even know of the race. This winter he is doing a rearend swap and looking at getting a Twin Turbo kit for it also... :eek: Brian