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    TT AC Cobra Vid!!!

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, this is with Murillo's tune, 11psi on 17" tires. Having to baby it through 3rd and having a good time. We will have more vid next week....going to put on some Quick Time Pro's, build a cage around the pop can of a driveline. He ran a crotch...
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    Beat a Blown Big Block Cuda (pics!!!)

    Beat a Blown Big Block Cuda, in my Mustang (pics!!!) There is a guy here in town with a Tubed, Caged and Blown (6-71 BDS) 440 '70 or '71 Cuda that is always talkin ****, he is one of my friends but he still talks a lot of ****. Well we all make fun of him because we know his car is slow for...
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    stock turbos...running 2 on a 5.slow...couple questions

    Just a few questions about stock '86-'87 GN turbos, how fast have people gone with the stock turbos of that year? I ran 2 IHI turbos off the '87-88 turbocoupes last year and it was a pretty fun little setup but I am looking to run a lot faster. Is there any little things (dont cost a lot) that I...