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    Last I heard he moved to Florida. He has been gone for 15 years at least. Last thread when I chatted with him about 10 years.
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    2017 Rules Vote

    James Rasmussessen...YES
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    2017 Rules Vote

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    GNX #547 Christmas/New Year contest by CRUZ Performance

    Thanks for the giveaway.... 240,000.
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    Anyone buy gold bars?

    If you are near a medium to large metro area there are monthly shows that coin dealers put on. I am a part time coin dealer and these shows are in my opinion the best way to buy gold-silver. There have been many cases I could have bought at or near spot price on the most common of bullion...
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    ECM and calpack for an '87

    Tom, I will take one. How do you want paid ?
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    ECM and calpack for an '87

    paypal ready
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    Need KC valve body

    unmolested KC valve body needed.
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    The 2015 Annual Buick versus Ford Shootout at Noble

    Did not make it last year but I have my hotel and I will be there.
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    After 7 years....she is on the road !

    Thanks Mike...I put my retired 9 second motor in it. (detuned) :)
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    After 7 years....she is on the road !

    Bought this from Brian Waner in KC 7 years ago. Finally I have a driver !
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    Anybody from the Nebraska area.

    20 minutes from Omaha....Iowa.
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    Turbo Rule Discussion

    That's just nuts.
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    Norwalk roll call

    Sweet lovin, It will be great after taking the year off!
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    Norwalk roll call

    Jim Rasmussen who?
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    Turbonetics GTK 850

    Fast spooling ball bearing turbo there !
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    Turbonetics GTK 850

    Nice turbo ! :)
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    Buick versus Ford Event in Noble. Date of October 11, 2014, confirmed yesterday by the track.

    Well it looks like I will not be racing anymore this season. My transmission is post toastie. I will however be trailering one of my best freinds down there. So Nebraska still has two coming in Brian Marshall and John Plog. Of course I will be there to cheer.
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    what happened here....carnage pic

    yes,some pieces still on block. have an sfi flywheel, will get it checked as well.