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    87 Gn for sale

    PICS coming The only pic I have is the pic of Speedy G on the trunk my avitar I'll try and take some today and post some. She did run low 12's here at 1 mile high. The car is pretty darn clean and it says best offer. Spent close to 3k on tranny(#'s matching) and NLTC from Dusty B. Also new...
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    87 Gn for sale

    Silver,rollbar, alky,te44,newly rebuilt trans from lonnie D,non lock up converter 2800-3000,all billet innards,with t-brake, probably less the 100 miles since being rebuilt,BMR al .billet lower control ,new swaybar, ,scan master,,blk-16" hotwheel wheels, new bilstiens all 4 corners falken...
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    Complete Race Engine For Sale

    Engine still available. How far is Riverton from Albuquerque, NM?
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    86 87 109 Motor Rebuilt 0 Miles + Rebuilt Brf Trans

    Engine I will give you a call tonight sometime. I'll check and see if G&L transport has a terminal in your area.
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    Boost Issue's for Bracket Racin!!

    launch/wot boost levels Have an old school schematic that allows launch boost then skinner valve opens and allows pre-set wot boost. The gentleman that bracket raced our car used a Honeywell skinner valve that allowed you to use external gate to adjust/preset launch boost he gated at 8psi /2800...
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    Pistol Guys?

    Coonan 357 auto If you can find one they are hard to come by. Looks like a Colt 1911 .
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    Extreme Automatics.

    Lonnie Kevin thank you for getting hold of Lonnie for me . I can be impulsive sometimes and I apoligize was freakin when I dialed your number 20x's this morning and the darn thing said sorry this number has been disconnected and no longer in service then the R and L Carrier people had no idea...
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    Extreme Automatics.

    Was wondering if anyone knows if Extreme Automatics is out of business called yesterday and talked to Lonnie. This morning they say it's been disconnected no longer in service. Actually bought the last Stage 2 tranny he had for sale via paypal about 4 weeks ago. We were waiting for a NL solenoid...
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    Would like to do one more upgrade before the car goes up for the year.

    Tranny refreshened Save them 6 C-notes and use that cash toward freshening up your tranny. But if you have to spend some money get Razor's Meth. kit it will pay for it's self. A fellow Turbo Buick friend Roc87 did the electrical the other stuff is pretty easy. Good instructions.
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    ??? So what is causing new issue with 70hpq

    Put old turbo back on If everything is checking out fuel wise, a/f, powerlogger, wb, etc etc.You could put the old turbo back on (pita) and see if it goes away. If the car runs great then I would suspect new turbo causing the issue..
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    Chevy II

    Chevy2 Those Chevy2's have always been my Favorite. That is way cool that your transplanting an LC2 in a Chevy2. So far the work you've done is off the chain.
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    The Fiscus family needs are help !!

    Glad to hear Mom went home. It's great to hear mom went home and the lil' D is getting stronger. He won't graduate from the NICU till he's at least 5lbs. He is half way there.
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    is there anyway to wire a led so when a fues blows it will light

    Fuse Forgot what brand but I've bought fuses at Autozone that actually have a light in the center that goes on when the fuse blows. Little more expensive but you know which one bit the dust.
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    Well I am now a dad

    Daddy's Lil Girl Another daddy's lil girl that's great. She's beautiful and Congratulations!
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    It's A Boy!!

    A precious gift. My family will definately pray for the little guy we will also let our Bible study group know this Sunday and we all will be lifting him up. Infact Father God I lift this little guy up to you and pray that you would touch him physically that he would gain weight and grow like...
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    turbofish38 Is Out Of The Building

    Terrible Sorry to hear about your situation man that is a bummer. Hang in there something will come up for you.
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    Photo radar at intersections

    Altering plates is a Felony here. Bought a couple of those special plate covers from the side and certain angles they obscure half the numbers. Here it's cheaper to get a ticket for a red light($100) if the light turns yellow and you punch it you go thru the intersection faster then the posted...
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    the Indians new heart will soon be beating

    Vacuum pump on your Indian What pump is that you are using? Noticed the Alt in the AC comp. position and vac in the alt. position. How much vacuum you running? That a nice 274ci. setup
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    Atomic Gn

    Awesome ride Grrrrreat looking Buick, it's not just a looker but a mover and shaker too! That is a cool color was wanting to do a two tone using that Atomic orange on top over a silver base on our GN. That's one Sweet machine you have thereTony.:cool: Cool you have her notched for those 325's...
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    Stage 2 2004R Sale

    Stage2 Lonnie figured out my PayPal password anyhow thanks looking forward to bolting her in.