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    ECM and calpack for an '87

    paypal ready
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    Need KC valve body

    unmolested KC valve body needed.
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    After 7 years....she is on the road !

    Bought this from Brian Waner in KC 7 years ago. Finally I have a driver !
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    what happened here....carnage pic

    WOT, 25 lbs of boost. pulling strong. car caught on fire. saved the car. New motor testing for the first time. transmission had dozens of high 9 passes (5 years worth.) Front pump bolts are very loose, you can spin them out with your hand.
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    TSM - John Plog-8 second run

    Incredible to see an iron headed,200 trans car run the eights. Probably the most stock appearing car in TSM. Congrats John,
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    GTK 850 bb turbo in Bowling Green

    Went to a hpq 71 for TSM class. Turbo is 3 years old. 4-bolt flange- ball bearing. spools real quick. Ran dozens of 9's with it. New it was 1800 I believe. want 800 obo.
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    intercooler hose needed Ford vs Buick

    Desperatly need a 3'' to 3-1/4 hose. and a t-bolt clamp 3-1/4.
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    Gonna make my mark in BG Wednesday!

    Dropped car at the track Tuesday. Left my change of clothes in the GN. Looks like I am going commando tomorrow:p
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    dash light problems

    I keep popping the dash light fuse on my 87 gn had some smoke from the dimmer when it happen so I put a new one in and still popping fuse any hints on where to start looking thanks
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    wish my car ran like vid.

    The Only Pair of Matching Singing Bird Pistols, Attributed to Frères Rochat | Watches | Video | Christie's
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    Gas tank the same?

    Is a tank from an 84 turbo car the same as an 86/87?
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    new best in BG 9.86 @133

    60' 1.32 330' 3.97 1/8 6.22 mph 109.17 1000 8.18 1/4 9.86 mph 133.35 car did 134.75 mph on an earlier run.
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    Congrats john plog 5.99 in 1/8 mile

    Last Wednesday we had the track for John's belated birthday party. He was rewarded with a 5.99 pass on his 109 powered,iron headed GN. This could not have happened to a nicer guy! John when you see this can you fill us in with the details ? I.E. mph ? This car will be in Noble as well !
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    Sitting for 10 years dry ?

    Want to get some opinions on this. Just bought a BRF that was drained ten years ago and sitting inside. Would you think that it would be fine to just fill it up and try it or rebuild it ? This would be going in a slightly modded Turbo T ?
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    Fastest iron head production block,who is it

    As the title asks, who is it ?
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    Who sells ATR syyle V-Band clamps ?

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    THANKS Quick6'nK.C. Bryan Wanner

    Just want everybody to know that Bryan is a great guy to deal with. I bought his 87 silver Limited T. Bryan was honest in the decription and worked with me to get this cool car home !
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    Atr style v band clamps

    Anybody have ATR style v band clamps for their headers. The last set I got did not work.
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    Neat ww 2 buick ad

    This is gonna be some nice wall art.
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    CASH FOR GOLD SCAM. (rant)

    Times are tough and these weasels are really starting to come out of the woodwork. We have all seen these commercials as of late and also you see them advertising full page advertisements in newspapers across the country with some of them using an antiques roadshow theme. As a collector of coins...