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    GS Nats in BG Pair of BF Goodrich Radial TA tires

    Looking for an oil cooler/ filter adapter, mine looks cracked... Please send PM if you have an extra Thank you!
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    WTB polished up pipe

    Looking for a preferably stock sized up pipe, chromed or polished.... w/ no holes drilled. Hose and clamps not needed- thanks.
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    60lb TT injectors- very low miles....

    A set of 60lb injectors, purchased from turbotweak just last year... a good deal for a set of barely used TT injectors, selling to go to 120s 185 shipped.
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    Good Stock Turbo FS

    Stock turbo for sale... could use a cleaning but is in really great condition! No issues, No damage, etc... Works excellent... Included is stock inlet bell, valve cover breather pipe, and stock wastegate actuator. Looking to get 180$ for all of it
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    PARTS FS: 3” uppipe, Original wastegate hoses/fittings, pedals and covers?

    For sale is the following -Complete original GM wastegate hose assembly with y fitting and more (pictured).... this was pulled off a turbo regal in the mid 90s and has been sitting in a ziploc. Great condition. 20 SHIPPED. -3” chrome up pipe drilled for alky, looks to be in very nice...
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    Complete stock air box setup FS

    Stock air box, tube, elbow, filter, and hardware...complete and in really good shape! parts just need a wash as they are dusty.. The filter is a newer k&n, included is everything one would need for a stock looking air box setup (includes IAT as well). Asking 100- and I’ll cover shipping. PM me...
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    spare ECM and intrepid DUAL FANS harness -FS

    Looking to part with my backup ECM, bought it already modified for power-logger from someone off the forums. Ive tested it before, works fine. 50$ shipped to your door. Complete Intrepid dual fans harness ( decided not to go this route ) 20$ shipped. *** If you’d like both and will take the...
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    Stock location intercoolers

    Looking for options as far as stock location inter coolers. Would be interested in a complete setup similar to what GN1 or gbodyparts sells. Figure i'd try looking here before i go and buy new. Feel free to PM me if you've got one you'd be interested in parting with- Thank you
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    Chips+Injectors+more- bundle for sale

    Looking to sell the following- preferably as a bundle. - A new Turbotweak emissions chip for 42lbs injectors - A TT 5.7 street chip for 42lbs injectors and 91oct (used for maybe 500 miles) - set of 6 TT 42lb injectors to match chip (again, used but maybe 500 miles) - used auto meter black...
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    Spare stuff need to go- (bundle) chip, ducting, gauge pod..

    1-Very Good condition intake ducting 1- 86 stock chip 6- 30# red injectors (unknown history may need a service) 1- dual gauge pod painted Gn grey. ....I don’t want to toss this stuff if anyone needs it just Cleaning out the garage a little and want to find this stuff a new home. All being sold...
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    In need of a 2.2 chip for my scan master-where to find one?

    Would appreciate any help in finding a 2.2 chip for my scan master, would like for it to work with powerlogger.... I looked at a few vendors sites but came up empty handed. I have seen a few scan masters for sale with the chip included but really do not need both as I am quite fond of my...
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    Few parts sale- AFPR/Hotwire/Water Temp Guage/sender

    Accufab adjustable fuel pressure regulator, works well for an accufab unit, looks to be in excellent cosmetic condition-- only couple hundred miles on it......70 shipped. Extra Hotwire kit (used)......30 shipped. (New) VDO- water temp gauge/ sender combination......50 shipped.
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    Power antenna kit in box ac delco 88891020

    Looks to be uninstalled all in factory box. Extra little harness included off a TR i found added to the packaging when i opened it. Everything is still wrapped and sealed it seems. $110 shipped
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    Complete Powermaster and extra vac ball

    Complete powermaster, was functioning ok when pulled off for a vac conversion. Also throwing in an extra tested good cardone vac ball with it, 170 shipped or best offer thanks
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    sputtering, bucking and cutting out...need some help

    Been working on the turbo t (mostly stock scanmaster,ta49,42lbinjectors,3"piping/maf,walbropump, TTchip..etc...) and driving it quite a lot lately, the car has always had its little gremlins like a hesitation to boost and a slight rough idle but a couple weeks back it sat undriven for a...
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    Couple of stock TR parts and xtras

    ****all sold* Looking to sell a couple of turbo regal parts i have laying around, some stock intake parts all in reasonable condition, a new kirbans 160 t stat, power steering reservoir with fittings installed ( doesnt leak, new fittings) and a bracket. Just make me an offer (shipped) on any...
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    Maroon/oxblood colored center console w/ shifter

    Looking for a nice condition maroon console and shifter assembly.
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    New Fiberglass rear bumper fillers

    Never put on the car, decided to go with abs fillers instead to match front, they were made by phantom cf1 for my turbo t, very nice quality fillers, already primered. 60$ plus shipping from ca. Message me if you have any questions.
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    Need some help with o2 readings

    Just doing some work on my car trying to get everything sorted as i plan to start dailying it soon, ive been looking over all the readings on the scanmaster at idle and a couple seem strange to me, o2s bounce around in the low double digits at idle ( idles a bit erratic too). Iac is at 50ish...
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    Looking for power steering reservoir &more for turbo t

    Looking for a power steering reservoir and brackets etc.. Also looking for interior for a burgundy/oxblood car, and stock shifter assembly thanks.