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    GS Nats in BG Pair of BF Goodrich Radial TA tires

    Thanks everybody found one
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    GS Nats in BG Pair of BF Goodrich Radial TA tires

    Looking for an oil cooler/ filter adapter, mine looks cracked... Please send PM if you have an extra Thank you!
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    WTB polished up pipe

    Looking for a preferably stock sized up pipe, chromed or polished.... w/ no holes drilled. Hose and clamps not needed- thanks.
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    Plug wires and fuel pressure gauge

    PM sent
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    Is a Turbobuick considered a Muscle car?

    Not just a muscle car... The undisputed king of muscle cars?
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    seat track

    Don’t mean to interrupt your thread but thought I’d mention... if it’s your driver side seat track foot that is cracked or damaged, reproductions are made to replace just the foot portion ... I picked one up for my seat track a while back. I’ve seen them posted for sale at various sites...
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    60lb TT injectors- very low miles....

    Still available..
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    60lb TT injectors- very low miles....

    I do not remember but I don't think they are.
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    60lb TT injectors- very low miles....

    LOWERED TO 175 shipped.
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    60lb TT injectors- very low miles....

    A set of 60lb injectors, purchased from turbotweak just last year... a good deal for a set of barely used TT injectors, selling to go to 120s 185 shipped.
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    Good Stock Turbo FS

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    Good Stock Turbo FS

    never got your message?
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    Good Stock Turbo FS

    Stock turbo for sale... could use a cleaning but is in really great condition! No issues, No damage, etc... Works excellent... Included is stock inlet bell, valve cover breather pipe, and stock wastegate actuator. Looking to get 180$ for all of it
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    Stock turbo or something close to

    PM sent
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    New oil filter lines.

    I have the highway stars lines on my car, they look like stock, were easy to install, and have been trouble free.
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    PARTS FS: 3” uppipe, Original wastegate hoses/fittings, pedals and covers?

    For sale is the following -Complete original GM wastegate hose assembly with y fitting and more (pictured).... this was pulled off a turbo regal in the mid 90s and has been sitting in a ziploc. Great condition. 20 SHIPPED. -3” chrome up pipe drilled for alky, looks to be in very nice...