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    I'm looking for the guy that got my old car??

    HEy if anyone can help me and him, He sent me a e-mail a month or two ago and asked some ?'s on my old car he got with No engine or trans in it and it came with two engines and a trans I would like to talk to him and see if we can come up with somthing I Would love to Buy it back I sold it for...
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    87 T body F/S

    I have a 87 Turbo T body no engine trans , Weld wheels , SSM uppers Kyb shocks, Upgraded fuel pump, New paint almost two years ago, No tire kickers I'm in Mich, Clean car,, $3000 OBO Its the Dark blue mec, asto roof tan int colm Shift,, Feel free to e-mail me at for anymore...
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    Wanted to trade Chevy 400 and 350 trans for Turbo v6

    1975 817 400 rwo bolt,, 30over cast flat tops pistons, 5.7 rods, 10 10 stock cast crank, 1500 on short block 500 ,iles on heads,, Heads are Performer RPM alum 64cc,, RPM airgap intake three weeks old,, 750 holley reworked,, headers 3" exst with two chamber flowmasters, Has newer sep belt sys...
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    87 Turbo buick with 406 alum heads

    I'm not sure where to put this ad, But heres some info on the engine , The car is a 87 T moon roof very little rust in the DS door when you open it, Needs a little work head liner very little body work it a nice car its Dark Mec Blue with the Camel int,, No power seats colm shift, pw,pl,ps...
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    87 Buick with or with out SBC eingine

    I'm not sure where to put this ad, But heres some info on the engine , The car is a 87 T moon roof very little rust in the DS door when you open it, Needs a little work head liner very little body work it a nice car its Dark Mec Blue with the Camel int,, No power seats colm shift, pw,pl,ps...
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    3600 9x11 for 2004r $375+ shippping

    anyone need a good 3600 9x11 stall from pts I belive its the real deal has around 15,000 miles on it works great, Reason for selling I'm doing a 350 turbo trans and I need a 3500 -4000 stall for that,, Thanks for looking Seneca Lafler
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    Need rear sway bar hardware only

    need the four spacers the go into the control arm and the four bolts?? Anyone have them ,I want to put my stock sway bar back on, Thanks for looking Seneca Lafler
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    Looking for a 4" or bigger Cowl hood for my T Plus 3500-4000 Stall

    Anyone have a good used 4"or bigger bolt on cowl hood for regal? also looking for a true 3500 to 4000 stall I have a B&M holeshot 3000 now and thats to small for what I need, Need to be for Turbo350/400 Thanks for looking, Seneca Lafler ,
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    Hacked up Engine harness

    All I need it to have is for the power master so that works and One hot wire with key on and the starter wires,, Plz let me know what you have its going into a 87 T I dont want to cut my harness up cuz I did a temp v8 swap and I want to keep the power master Thanks for looking Seneca Lafler...
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    Want to trade Two aerochamber 2-1/4 mufflers for two Flowmasters

    Anyone need two aerochamber Mufflers came with the kit I had on my 87 T I got dumb and stuck a 406 in it and now I want a pair of 2-1/2 to 3" mufflers used The Mufflers I have are about a year old and have very little rust and one small cut on the side to get it off ,, Please let me know What...
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    Can those I've traded parts with or dealt with Say?

    Hello, I'm doing a deal and we dont trust each other, I just wanted the ppl I have done buss with if they would stand up and say if I ripped you off or not and if they got there parts as I promised,, And if the guyI'm deaing with wants his name here then I'll let him make a post cuz Its not my...
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    Check this out PS innercooler Not mine just info

    This Is info for a Power stoke innercooler , Maybe someone would want it looks like a hell of a deal maybe some one can beat him up a little ;) Trying help my follow buick buds out, I would tak it but no $$ :( and I'm doing a SBC in my 87 cuz I dont have the $ to do another turbo 6 ,, I can do a...
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    Like New MSD #75 injectors 600 miles if that

    Heres the info from racetronix Need to sell to pay my truck payment,, $275 Shipped. Thanks for looking Part Number 17113742 (OE # 17104988) Static Flow Rate @ 43.5 PSI (300KPa) = 75.0 lb/hr / 9.5 gm/sec / 788 cc/min Static Flow Rate @ 58.0 PSI (400KPa) = 86.6...
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    Need a 800 or a little bigger Holley DPer

    Anyone have a good used or new carb I'm looking for no smaller then a 780 to 900 DPer holley or a Predeor I really want a street Predeor I cant spell Sorry ,, This is for my buick with a V8 400 30over nice big cam Victor JR intake, headers,, Performer RPM alum heads, Sould run good low 11's to...
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    Non a/c box F/S or trade for Chevy parts

    I got a Complete non A/C heater box with all the ducts, Heater control panel all that good stuff, Its a older one seen it in a regal looks clean , I'm taking it all out of my car not running heater in my v8 car, Make a Offer, I'm in Lower Mich will drive too meet, Parts I'm looking for...
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    Well I just wanted to say sorry to Mike D m233roller I ****ed him not meaning to I will pay him back soon, I have been going thew some personal stuff right now and have been I have since seeked help but it takes time , Too make a long story short I wanted to die didn't care about anything or...
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    MSD 75's $300 Shipped

    MSD 75 injectors not even 500 miles on em, Need money so I can pay ppl back that I owe v8 Thanks for looking Seneca Lafler
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    Oil coming out the breathers under Boost??......

    Well I did a 4.1 stock rebuild to get me going, I got Ported heads on it, Well I have about 550 miles on it now and boost is set at 20psi, and after a few WOT blasts I pop the hood cuz there is smoke every where, What could this be, I have a check valve and a K&N breather on the Driver side...
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    two amps F/S MTX 6500 & a Rockford 700s

    Mtx 6500 works great, $200 shipped OBO Rockford fosgate 700s works great come with the remote bass controller $240 shipped Thanks for looking,, Seneca Lafler,
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    Need part # for ARP STUDS FOR 4.1?? ASAP

    Anyone have a part # handy? I got my 4.1 Rebuilt and went to use the ARP bolts I had for my 3.8 and they wont work, SO I need the part # for both bolts and studs? Thanks for any and all help Seneca Lafler,