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    GN OEM Gray Headliner Material

    When I replaced the headliner on my 87 GN I was able to remove the old factory material from the backing board without damaging it because the glue was so deteriorated. It's the gray cloth and is about as thick as T shirt material with no foam backing. It is really nice with no stains or rips as...
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    Parts For Sale - Stock ECM, MAF sensors, Big Mouth 3" Polished MAF Pipe w/adapters, chips, pod, etc

    I have the following parts for sale. These were either from or spares for my 87 Grand National which I recently sold. I can accept payment via paypal. Please post in the ad so I know who has first dibs on what. If you feel my prices are too high or you want to work a deal on multiple items feel...
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    Anyone know a good PDR guy in the Atlanta area?

    Does anyone have any experience with or have a recommendation for a good PDR guy/company in the Atlanta metro area?
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    87 Buick Grand National - 49K Original Miles - Atlanta, GA - $22,000 OBO

    This is a beautiful car but I just don't get it out much anymore and it needs a new home. I have a ton of paperwork, receipts, and documentation, down to the original window sticker, tire warranty, owner's manual, etc. If it came with the car new, I have it. I also have clear title in hand to...
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    Idea's for a new hood liner insulator

    Well, I drove the GN this morning, and had the up pipe blow off at the top. Never have had a problem since the new 3" up pipe, but I guess the T bolt clamp wasn't quite tight enough. Anyways, it tore up the hood insulator pretty bad. Anybody have any cool ideas for a new insulator? I may go back...
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    What is the best wideband?

    I currently have an Innovate LC1 with a DB gauge. Needless to say, I have used it very little, and the controller seems to be dead already, and I see a lot of issues out there with it on the message boards. I would like to switch over to one that has the controller/gauge in one unit. Which one...
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    Translator Gen 2 Settings

    Hi Guys. Finally got my new Gen 2 and LC1 wideband installed. Also the TT Extender Extreme G chip. Have a few get started questions. Whats a good starting point on timing? On my old TT 5.6 you adjusted it for 1/2 and 3/4 gears separately. Looks like with the gen 2 its just 1 setting for all...
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    Throttle Cable Stretched?

    My throttle cable has about 1/2" between the plastic piece with the spring and the metal stop made to the end of the cable when its at rest. Is this a normal gap? Just curious about this, wanna make sure I'm getting full throttle. with the key on, engine off, the tps will go to about 4.1 to 4.3...
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    3 Bolt Turbo to Manifold Gasket???

    Anybody know where to get one of these things? :biggrin: The 3 bolt gasket between the turbo exhaust housing and passenger side exhaust manifold. I looked in the part number resource in gnttype and didn't see anything, did a search on here, didn't find much. O'Reilly only sells the turbo kit...
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    LC-1 Wideband Gauge Wiring Question

    I am installing the innovage LC-1 wideband with the DB digital gauge. I am also installing a translator Gen 2. The Gen 2 instructions show to connect the brown analog output 2 wire to the orange wire on the Gen 2 harness. The innovate instructions for the gauge install says to connect the gauge...
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    Need help with adjusting Boost Controller

    I just installed the RJC boost controller and am having some problems seeing any kind of adjustment. First off, my car is stock turbo, stock downpipe. I ran 22 pounds of boost before I installed the controller. I adjusted the wastegate down to about 15psi in order to adjust it back up with the...
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    RJC Boost Controller Instructions

    Anybody have a link to a pdf or something for install instructions? I bought a used one and have read a lot of stuff on installation, but not sure what is going to be best for my setup. Ditch the use of the factory wastegate solenoid, plumbing it between the turbo and actuator, or keep the...
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    Looking for CAS V-4 Passenger side bracket

    I have a nice CAS V-4 intercooler, but it didn't come with the aluminum passenger side bracket. Anyone have one, or know where I can get one? I may be able to make one as well. Which bolt holes on the engine does the bracket go to? Anybody else made one before? Thanks.
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    Name that intercooler

    Anybody know what brand this stock location IC is? I don't see any castings or markings anywhere, except for a number engraved on the bottom. Possibly a serial number. The inlet diameters are about 2 5/8" OD, and 2 1/8" ID both sides. I counted 22 rows of fins, and 23 plates if you count the...
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    Texas Title Transfer Questions

    I am picking up my GN next week, from out of state. What paperwork do I need to bring for the seller to sign to get the Texas title? Just the same Texas title transfer application that you use for in state purchases? Also, the DMV website presumptive value VIN decoder shows the value at $0 for...
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    Trade 2005 Dodge Magnum Se For 86/87 Gn

    Hey Guys. I have a 2005 Dodge Magnum SE that I would like to trade for the right 86 or 87 GN if anyone is interested. The Magnum has 46k miles on it, gray interior, off white exterior paint. v6, gets mid 20's for gas mileage on the highway. It is completely stock. The wife and I just took it...