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    1st time track run

    Hi. 1st time at the track 30 years. 1nd run 11.9, 2rd run 11.6 @118mph. ~2.0 60ft time. Here is a picture of the log. Is the 02mV normal to drop somewhat? Does the o2mv coincide with the wideband? There is some boost creep and I see that fuel is being added but why does the 02mv start to...
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    Heater valve vacuum problem

    Hi, My heater valve is opening during boost and even light driving affecting my AC air. I'm sure it's the valve as I bypassed the heater core and I get cold AC all the time. I assume a bad or missing check valve or something else? There is 1 check valve on the drivers side going to the metal vac...
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    No fuel pump on key on

    Hi, Key fuel pump does not prime. I hear a relay click under the hood. If I jump the fuel pump wire underneath the hood pump turns on. After this I started it for a few seconds and it ran. Turned it off and tried key on again and fuel pump primed. Then I waited a minute and tried again and no...
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    Car sat and now it clanks

    Car sat for a few months as I was doing some exhaust work and I replaced the turbo. I started it up today but as soon as it started there was a loud banging/clanking noise at idle at the top of the motor- I turned it off after 30 seconds. Car ran fine before it sat. I pulled the plugs for...
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    New turbo

    Hi. I am looking into getting a new turbo to replace the TE63E as I am leaking some oil into the exhaust. I've narrowed it down to the turbo and with a shaft play of 0.015 Precision says it is most likely the turbo or at least it's on its last leg. Instead of rebuilding I am looking for...
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    Please help knock

    Can someone review these powerlogger files? I'm going to give up.... I have knock on the instant of boost with the first gear being the worst. I assume this is false? I had fueling issues which I've resolved and I recently added Alky so I can run more boost but now I get knock. It was fine at...
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    DirectScan FS

    I have a Directscan for sale. $60 Thanks
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    Looking for reference Powerlogger file

    Anyone have a good powerlogger file to post? I want to see what an ideal run looks like with WB closed loop. Thanks
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    Console Risers

    Does anyone know if the difference between these 2 risers? Are they from the same manufacturer? Thanks
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    Oil leak into radiator

    I have a PTS Extreme radiator that I bought from PTS about 3-4 years ago and it's leaking oil into the coolant. Are these guys around anymore? Can this be fixed by someone? Thanks
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    Sunoco in Ledgewood closed.

    Anyone know the deal with the Sunoco in Ledgewood NJ? They are the only ones I know of local that carry GT100 but they are fenced in with signs of a cleanup in progress. :(
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    The family went for a leisurely drive for about an hour in the GN. I parked the car and when I restarted it 15 minutes later it stalled when it went into gear. It did that twice and the 3rd time it sputtered on light gas. The check engine light flickered on then 2 seconds later it was fine. It...
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    Running cool.

    Well it was 97Deg here in Jersey this week. With a PTS Extreme radiator, Intrepid dual fans, FM intercooler, AC on temps were 172F. :D
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    Powerlogger review.

    Can someone review? There are 3 highway blasts in the file. 1st one is at 15lb boost the 2nd and 3rd are at 19lbs. The 2nd and 3rd ones come out of wb loop due to lack of fuel? Am I running out of injector or is it fuel pressure? I just replaced the pump. Any other comments? Thanks
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    Oil Leak driving me nuts

    For the life of me I cannot locate this. Under boost I get an oil leak that sprays on the headers and leaves a trail of smoke. I'm almost positiveit's a leak doing this since I see drops of oil on the driver side header the next day after a few blasts down the highway. Left side of header is dry...
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    Jacking up car to remove trans

    Trying to get the trans out. It's on the transjack and I want to roll it out. Can I just jack up the front and use jackstands or do I also need to put jackstands on the back to keep the car level? Thanks
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    Need help asap- broken down

    It's not the GN but my 2002 Jeep Liberty. I was driving off from a light and the trans started to slip real bad. I pulled over and the check engine light went on. Now none of the gears work at all- car does not move. The codes were P0732 and P0876. P0876....Transmission Fluid Pressure...
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    1/4 Wave Resonator to eliminate drone

    Has anyone tried a 1/4 wave resonator to eliminate drone? This looks interesting: The cure for no drone? -
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    DirectScan FS

    Directscan $89 shipped Add 3.5% for paypal
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    Black Air - "Misfit" Teaser

    Anyone see the teaser? Black Air - "Misfit" Teaser on Vimeo