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    xfi,turbo,injectors,intercooler,piping and akly

    i have a new never installed fast xfi with 3 bar map(hartline performance program),casper harness,precision injectors75 lb/hr,precision 6765E with billet wheel,razor akly kit and cotton performance front mount intercooler with polished piping(all clamps/hoses included) package $4500.00 plus...
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    9" 3RD MEMBER

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    magnaflow 15966 stainless polished exhaust kit 7.3 diesel

    i have a magnaflow polished stainless steel kit with down pipe to rolled tip for sale or trade 15966 exhaust | eBay looking for 86-87 grand national performance parts and interior parts.
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    atr headers

    i have a set of headers which i was told they where atr.they came off of a t type which was sitting about -/+ 10 years. what do you use to clean/polish or would you think just painting them would be better...
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    nos center caps

    friend of my is in need of a set on nos center cap black buick 3 bar thanks bobby
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    new turbo f.s

    i have a new cpt .85(wrote on box) i got from jack cotton.i have made other plans.turbo never installed web $1395.00 ask $1000.00 plus paypal fee
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    my project,but long time coming

    trying to upload pics what do you think about rebuild and info i need to do before installing part
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    400 trans speedometer gear

    i have a rebuild 400 trans w/brake going to install this weekend but found there is no hole in case for gear .what is the best repair,other case or some kind of hall switch on driveshaft etc.thanks for any help
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    turbo controller

    no luck in turbo tech section,so imposting here. just got my ams 500 controller from hartline performance.does any one have pic of a clean insulation thanks holly and cal makes things to easy to spend they are great __________________
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    ams 500 pics

    just got my ams 500 controller from hartline performance.does any one have pic of a clean insulation thanks holly and cal makes things to easy to spend they are great
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    which control arm and sway bar

    need to buy upper/lower rear control arms and sway bar.what kind is best for set up.rpe engine stroker,400 trans w/brake 3,600 stall and 9" rearend.looking for good 60' . looking at bmr fabrication,hr parts n stuff,metco and spohn with ball bearings. car will be driven street and...
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    thanks gbodyparts-brian

    i want to tell everyone how brian works. met brian at the track during the gn nationals,talked with him about several items i was needing. bought several things from him then and in particular the upper and lower control arms. got them home and decided to upgrade. shipped upper control arms back...
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    aeromotive 11102 mounting idea

    i have a aeromotive fuel pump and would like to see some ideas how the pro's mount them.i would like to use the factory fuel tank.i have heard of fuel pumps going bad when mounted level or above the tank on frame.thanks in advance for ideas and pictures.
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    new tt chip hesitates off throttle

    hi every one, i just got my new tt chip.disconnected ecm wire installed it and waited 15 minutes then plugged it back up(chip is for 30 lbs with alky).car started up and idles great went for test drive o2 read 780-800 wot.the question i have the car now has bad hesitation at t.p 1.0...
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    ladder bars 8.5 or 9" factory 4 link

    hi i have 87 gn and the frame has been set up for laddr bars and narrow.i have a good frame that has not been cut or bent.the question is what is the best setup (i have no rear end at this time)put in a 9" with the factory style control arms or put in a 8.5 with ladder bars...
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    which fuel pump to use

    hi guys, got my new engine together now,just thinking about what fuel system would be better.eliminator 11104 or red armstrong double pumper.i have stroker kit,gn1 heads,95 lbs injectors,215/220 cam,72mm turbo and 3500 stall(400turbo with trans brake) thanks for any help
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    cal & holly hartline

    i received my new fast system just a few days after ordering it. i was overwhelmed by all the instructions,but once i got started was able to decipher what i needed to do. i got it installed and had some trouble getting the car started but i called and was able to speak directly with Cal. he...
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    Richard Clark Show 2009

    been looking to see if any one has heard if richard clark was going to have a show,venders and testing this year.any word of this event yet? last year was a great hartline tune in on some dyno test was very interesting .other vendors has some discounted parts.
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    4.1 long block

    i have a 4.1 engine that was built by Par racing engine in sc.the engine was ran 1 time at the race track.(ran 7.04 half way down track 1/8 mile).the engine has ported cast iron heads,intake ported,oring block,arp studs all through,balanced inter,stock polished rods,crower crank,flat tap lunati...
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    iac numbers

    does any one know how to convert iac counts into % (scan master)