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    Is There An Easily Accessible, Good Ground Near The Center Console Under Dash

    For the gauges of a center console, two gauge pod... Is there? Thanks for your experiences/suggestions, guys.
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    Satin Black or Black Chrome or ?

    I am "restoring" a set of '87 GN wheels. They will be stripped to bare metal and powdercoated one color. Satin black or black chrome or ? Please provide your thoughts. TYVM! :)
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    !@#$%^& fan, help!!!

    OK, so my buddy's fan just keeps running after the car is shut off, draining the battery. We unplugged both connectors to the fan delay relay (the bigger relay mounted to the left fender) - no luck! Any suggestions? He'd like to race tomorrow night and is a little discouraged, so any prompt...
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    Drag Front Tires ??? - Please Help ???

    For those of you who run drag front tires, what is your combination? I am currently running 27.0x4.5-15 Goodyear Eagle Frontrunners with 28.0/10.5-15 Mickey Thompson ET Drags out back. I need a new set of fronts and am open to size and manufacturer/model. What are you guys running? Thanks...
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    Turbo T Center Caps (4)

    "Driver" quality... NO broken tabs... $74.95 plus actual shipping cost(s)... Pics: Turbo T pictures by coasterkids - Photobucket Thanks for your interest...
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    Refinish T Wheels

    Who these days? Refacing, polishing, powder coating, whatever. Does anyone do this any longer? There used to be an oufit (in GA?) that polished T wheels to mirror... Thanks!
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    Warning About Parts For Sale

    Time and time again sellers advertise parts at inflated prices as N.O.S. that are still available from GM. Yes, our cars are 20+ years old, and yes, myriad parts are no longer available, but not all. There may be good reasons to pay more for something, but among them shouldn't be greed or...
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    Park Lockout Question

    A friend broke his OEM shift handle and in the course of installing an aftermarket handle I note that without any handle, key on, there is no park lockout - I can move the shift lever to any position. I played around with the white button, which I see is internally threaded and threads onto an...
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    Part Number Please?

    Rear license plate pocket rubber bumpers? Thanks.
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    Up Pipe ???

    I am looking to purchase a new, quality, OEM style, stainless steel up pipe for a friend. I see Kirban has one. Does anyone have any experience with it? Are there any others available? Thanks very much for your help! strike
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    Billet Shifter Handle ???

    Anybody sell one of these? My stock shifter handle broke for the severalth time - cheap black plastic internals? Thanks for your help! strike
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    Lug Wrench ???

    What "size" is the stock lug wrench - 3/4", 13/16", something else? Thanks. Yes, I *am* having a breakdown - lol... I *think* it's 3/4"? strike
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    Question For John Spina...

    or anyone else who might know... My OEM fan resistor and wiring are fubar, but the fan is good. Is there a (new) PnP wiring harness that would eliminate the resistor wiring and allow the fan to (presumably) run on high speed only? If not, what are my options? Thanks for your help...
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    Won't Cold Start, Won't Warm Idle Very Well, Stalls...

    OK, I need help! I put almost $2K's worth of parts into my buddy's (my old) 87 GN this summer and the thing will not cold start without giving it (some) gas (no fast idle at all), can't be moved before it's fully warmed up, doesn't warm idle especially well and stalls when you get out of the...
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    IAC v. Vacuum Leak?

    Guys, Is the IAC being all over the place (0-160) a sympton of a vacuum leak? Thanks.
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    87 GN. Basis is Scanmaster readings. Car is *fully* warmed up. What causes: O2s *all* over, even at idle and steady cruise INTs, BLMs not steady IAC *all* over at idle - sometimes 0, sometimes 160... Thanks. strike
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    Oil Cooler Lines

    I'm planning to change the nasty, old oil cooler lines on a friend's car. My plan is to remove the lines from the radiator, then remove the entire oil cooler adapter, lines, fittings, etc. as "one piece". Anyone see a problem with this strategy? Is there anything better than Kirban's...
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    Fuel Pressure?

    I set the FP at 40 PSI, line off. The first time I get into appreciable boost the FP increases to 50 PSI and remains there, even when the car returns to idle. The FP gauge is an older Auto Meter Ultra-Lite. The AFPR is a brand new Accufab. BLM is in the mid-90s at 45 MPH cruise. Any ideas...
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    Red's Chips and MAF Screens?

    Red Armstrong's chips are set up for one MAF screen. What are the symptoms of running with both screens installed (i.e. no screens removed)? Thanks. strike
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    Clamp For EGT Thermocouple?

    Where can I get one? If it matters, it's for an SMC-supplied thermocouple, but Steve is out of the EGT business. Thanks! strike