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    Bucket seat information

    Hey guys I'm trying to find out if any 78-87 G Body bucket seat will bolt in to my 86 GN. Original seats are out being upholstered and I need to find a replacement bucket seat to drive the car home due to lost storage. Any help/info is appreciated. Thanks
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    WTB seat bracket manual track LH side

    Looking to purchase the driver side manual seat bracket for my 86 GN.
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    AC Delco MAF Sensor

    Looking for a good used or possibly NOS AC Delco MAF sensor. Please let me know what you got and a price. I plan on attending Norwalk at end of month for Buick Race Day in case somebody there will be selling GN parts. Thanks.....
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    t-top stuck

    Hey guys how do I get a stuck t-top off? Car is 86 gn and its the passenger side. Car is bone stock so I wouldn't think the body is twisted?? Thanks.