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    1998 BGM Trans Am

    1998 Pontiac Trans Am Bright Green Metallic Automatic with 3.23 rear 95k miles $7500 I am selling my 1998 Trans Am because I decided I wanted a WS6 and purchased my 2002 WS6 over the winter. I am more than happy with the car but dont need two fourth gen Trans Am's. I am not looking to...
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    1989 Turbo Trans Am

    Well I sold #850 and #1461 now need this one gone so here goes... TTA #124 is a cloth t-top Festival car #96 and was gone through in preparation for the 2009 Hot Rod Power Tour with many new parts and a professional repaint at 73K miles. It completed the Power Tour without issue and now has...
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    TTA cluster and Eagle rods

    Complete TTA cluster, good working condition only the clear plastic cover is cracked. The cover is a common part from any 1987-1990 Firebird or Trans Am $500 OBO Set of Eagle ESP H-Beam connecting rods Part number CRS5967B3D, cost $599 new looking for $500 OBO Steve
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    Eagle crank and rods, 109 block

    Brand new Eagle stock stroke internal balance crank $500 OBO Brand new Eagle stock length rods $500 OBO I paid $599 each for those from Jegs but am getting more out of Buicks and dont need them Standard 109 block from a 100K mile stocker, I was keeping it as a spare but dont think I'll be...
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    1989 TTA's for sale

    I'm getting more into running the LS1 cars and havent really been using my TTA's so I've been thinking of trying to open up some garage space and put #124 and #850 up for sale. I've had both cars for a long time, picked up #850 on 4/22/2000 and #124 on 12/9/2000. They say you have to move on to...
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    NEW set of 28x11.5x16 Hoosier QTP DOT

    I recently picked up a set of Hoosier Quick Time Pro DOT tires (#17603) and had them mounted and balanced on 16x8 GTA rear wheels in June of 2009. Plans have changed and am looking to get rid of them, pick up only the tires are in Brooklyn, NY. The tires are brand new never on a car but the...
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    Hardtop/Cloth TTA

    1989 20th Anniversary Trans Am #884, 1 of 15 hardtop/cloth cars with 52K miles. Solid rust free car from Nevada now in New York scince 2002. Needs paint from being out in the sun. Original owner raced in Silver State Classic so needs some repairs to floor from holes drilled for roll cage...
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    Hardtop TTA for sale or trade

    Thinking of maybe selling TTA #1461 hardtop with leather, all original California car with 60K miles. Not 100% perfect but clean and original, a/c is ice cold and everything works. Looking for $30K or possible trade for 2003 Z06 with less than 30K miles in yellow with black interior or red with...
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    Precision Industries TH400 converter

    Precision Industries non lock up converter for TH400 trans. Stalls 2800rpm @ 0 boost(3500rpm @ 5psi) with PT70 P-trim turbo. Spools fast and consistant, last bracket race with it went 10.504, 10.524, and 10.506 with .033, .008, and .007 lights. Has 13 passes on it scince freshened, best 10.504 @...
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    2 Eagle cranks, 2 sets Eagle rods, and other stuff

    I have 2 brand new in box Eagle cranks, 3.4" stroke internally balanced - $500 each plus shipping (paid $599 new). Also 2 brand new sets of Eagle h-beam rods, stock length - $500 each plus shipping (paid $599 new) Standard bore 109 bare block - $300 pick up only 2 pairs of stock 8445...
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    Congrats Jim(SouthBaySurfer )

    For placing second at the Flowerfield car show, first went to a meticulously maintained 1300 mile GN. Sorry for the delay but been busy with the new house. Jim and John, had alot of fun hanging out again. Hopefully we'll get a few more nice days to get together. Here's the pic...
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    Sunday TTA showing

    Met up with Jim SouthBaySurfer today at a weekly car show on Long Island, was hoping to see a third TTA there. Jim a pleasure to hang out with you as always, see you soon but till then a few pics of #14 and #1461 Steve
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    TE64-1 turbo and MSD for sale

    TE64-1 turbo, p-trim exh .63 precision 3 bolt housing. 3" inlet, 2.5" outlet. Turbo is 4 years old, nothing wrong no play, took it off the car to go bigger. Went 10.69 @ 125.8, 25psi, 3600lbs. $400 plus shipping MSD Buick interface module and jumper plug to bypass the MSD box. $50 plus...
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    New best for #850

    Details of the run: 60' - 2.109 330' - 5.672 1/8 - 8.642 MPH - 82.68 1000' - 11.206 1/4 - 13.372 MPH - 103.82 Turbo Trans Am #850 EMPTY WEIGHT:stock leather/t-top car BLOCK:stock HEADS:stock CAM:stock TRANSMISSION:stock TORQUE CONVERTER:stock DIFFERENTIAL:stock...
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    Took a TTA out for a 250 mile trip around upstate NY today. I was going to take the hardtop out scince the modifications done by the original owner make it a real blast on the highway, it has some minor suspension mods and 2.77 gears. But the day was too nice and the sky too blue to not have a...
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    Observations from the track

    Today was Pontiac day at englishtown, and aside from making a string of mid 10 second runs without breaking anything, and winning my class - I found it interesting that of the 4 cars that showed up for the class I ran(P1 10.99 and quicker), I was the fastest car with the smallest motor and the...
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    GMHTP May issue page 24...

    is my GTA :D :D :D I just picked up the mag today and figured I'd share. Steve
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    Any experience with lightened TH400 internals?

    Been looking at some websites and see they offer lightened oem parts and alum replacement parts, anybody using this stuff? Been thinking of ways to get more power to the ground and was thinking this might help but I need it reliable on the street aswell as the track. Steve
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    A little better...

    but it looks like I've maxed out the fuel pump :( Details of the run: 60' - 1.501 330' - 4.311 1/8 - 6.695 MPH - 103.11 1000' - 8.755 1/4 - 10.504 MPH - 128.89 My converted 1989 GTA RACE WEIGHT:3640 BLOCK:stock with stock crank, stock rods, and JE pistons CAM:214/210 roller and...
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    New best 10.51@128.52

    Details of the run: 60' - 1.505 330' - 4.310 1/8 - 6.693 MPH - 103.00 1000' - 8.761 1/4 - 10.515 MPH - 128.52 My converted 1989 GTA RACE WEIGHT:3640 BLOCK:stock HEADS: ported stock tta TRANSMISSION:TH400 TORQUE CONVERTER:PI Vigilante non lockup DIFFERENTIAL:12 bolt 3.42ears...