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    Gray GN T Type steering wheel.

    Need a Steering wheel either in good shape or one that needs recover price should reflect condition.
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    CF5 Astro roof motor

    Good condition. Used working motor. Discontinued from GM. $75 shipped.
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    Bad cam sensor

    Is there anything the could cause premature cam sensor failure. I installed a new one and 200 miles later code 41 and car no start. I had a spare and swapped the cap now the car starts. Is there something I should assess further so this one doesn't die like the last one? I have never had one go...
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    Shifter plate

    Need the Shifter plate w/ ash tray lid assm that goes on the center console. Condition of the finish is not important. But shift indicator needs to be OD trans. Thanks.
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    Blue horn button assm.

    Complete blue horn button assm. In working unbroken condition. If you just have the ring part that may help too.
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    #4 backing plate for forward clutch. .211-.228 thickness. Also if you have an extra wavy plate (but that is a not critical for me) I have a #5 and need more clearance. LMK thanks forgive me posting a wanted ad in transmissions but this forum will have folks who are familiar with it.
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    Silver powdercoat Alternator

    I have a new AC Delco 120 AMP alternator disassembled powdercoated silver and reassembled. $175 + shipping.
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    Powder coated stock valve covers

    86-87 LC2 stock valve covers blasted and powdercoated silver metallic. These are not show quality but a 9 out of 10. Powdercoat is easy to clean and gas, oil, hydraulic fluids, brake cleaner will not affect it. $65 + Shipping
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    Need a good condition MAF translator. Thanks
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    Im taking the plunge

    Got this 5.3 All aluminium w/ trans today Will be dropping it into an 88 Monte SS. I was inspired by all the threads and look forward to reading more and sharing too.
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    Connector wiring

    I have a CZF in my latest regal what wires do I need to move for the BRF plug for this one to work?
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    Oil drain too close?

    Welded an oil drain fitting into the pan on the 4.1 ' Is about .250 away from the frame is that too close?
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    Powder coated export bumper bracket and stay down gas doors.

    I have a front export bumper brace. Really hard to find these that aren't rusted out, that being said it does have some pitting. It was sandblasted and powder coated semi-gloss black. These are very light and only available on certain pre 85 models. --SOLD-- I also have 3 stay down gas license...
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    Transmission internals

    What type or grade of steel are the internal components like the shafts and drums?
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    Strange TH 400 yoke 32 spline

    Needed to convert drive shaft from 2004R to: TH400 4L80E Super T-10 (2nd design) Used for only a few hundred miles in perfect shape! Heavy Duty Nodular Iron Casting Uses 1350 Series U-Joint. $60 shipped to 48 states. Normally listed for $90
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    Raising awareness

    New "regulation" that is quite over reaching.'16+Last+Call&utm_campaign=ECR+last+call+16&utm_medium=email
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    Give your dog an extra treat today.

    Yesterday was truly a sad day in my house as I woke up to let the dog out and discovered he had died during the night. He was a 6 year old Rottweiler who had no sign of illness or injury, apparently I suspect he died of GDV (bloat). If you do not know what that is look it up and understand the...
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    3 3/8 Tachometer

    Prefer VDO, Auto meter etc with black face. thanks.
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    brass oil fitting

    I need the brass oil fitting that goes into the block 86-87 GN.
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    Fel Pro 9441 PT Head Gasket

    Still in the original package unopened. $45 shipped for a set of 2.