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    Precision Turbo Standard Pressure Internal Wastegate for 6466

    I am removing this standard pressure range internal wastegate off a 6466 turbo. It has only been on the car a few hundred miles if that. I've decided to go external wastegate. It should fit 6266 and 6766 also I believe. $90 shipped.
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    FT 215/220 roller cam, Cloyes timing set, Morel limited travel lifters

    I bought these items off the board maybe a year ago and they've been sitting in the box ever since. My engine build is on hold since my transmission is having issues so these items are up for sale. Fullthrottle 215/220 roller cam, Webber/morel limited travel roller lifter , cloyes roller...
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    Vacuum brake setup

    Vacuum brake setup. Bought off this site. Installed and bled but plans changed. Includes pedal, booster and master cylinder. $150 shipped to lower 48. Hardware in picture is what’s included.
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    79 lb injector and misc

    I have 6 Lucas 79 lb injectors $150. Also have a few other things in the one pic if interested: intercooler, up pipe, exhaust hangers, air box, etc.
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    Champion AC delete

    I'm looking for the Champion AC delete bracket that retains your alternator and power steering. Thought I would check here before ordering new. Thanks
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    Airflow plate, stock upper plenum and TB, billet vacuum block

    I have the following for sale: (all prices are shipped to lower 48) -Airflow plate for stock plenum - $Sold -Stock upper plenum - $Sold -Stock throttle body - $Sold (idle screw snapped off so will need some work) -Billet vacuum block with port for brakes - $Sold
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    Stock IC and other misc parts

    I have the stock intercooler off my project with shroud, brackets, ic fan and up-pipe. All is in good condition except scoop portion of shroud and one bolt hole on passenger side of intercooler either needs tapped or helicoil inserted. Would like $80 plus shipping. I plan to be at RCG event...
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    GBody Parts replica GN wheel lug nuts

    Does anyone have the Gbody parts GN aluminum replica rims and used the lug nuts that came with them? I put one to check brake clearance and my socket is pretty tight up against the rim and when you run them down by hand there is only a very small section above the face of the rim. Didn't know...
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    Coil/module, exhaust elbow, upper a-arms, 3" test pipe/cutout

    I have the following items for sale. Shipping not included. -Coil and ignition module. Coil appears OE but module does not. Worked when removed. $65 shipped -Stock exhaust elbow. $Sold -3" test pipe with cutout. Bought this from a board member and ended up buying an exhaust system with a...
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    limited slip/posi and console shifter plate

    I'm looking for a limited slip/posi unit in working condition. Also looking for a console shifter plate. I think that's what it is called it is the metal piece that houses the ashtray and goes over the shifter. I dropped mine and it broke right behind the ashtray. Thanks
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    Doors and trunk lid near Richmond va

    i am looking for a nice rust free set of doors and trunk lid for GN before I put any more time into my current ones. Near Richmond VA. Thanks
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    VSS buffer different from analog/digital?

    I'm changing my dash over from digital to analog. I've rewired the C1/C2 connectors but I didn't know if I needed to change out the VSS buffer or not (not sure what its function is). If I don't have to stand on my head anymore looking up under the dash I'll be happy. Thanks for any info,.
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    Some stock take off parts.

    I have a few take off parts that I would like to get rid of. I'm still researching some prices so feel free to make an offer if interested. Shipping not included. -Pypes test pipe for stock exhaust. Bolted up for a week or two. A little primer overspray on it and some high temp rtv but...
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    Passenger side plug wire clip and trans cooler rubber thingy

    I have the plug wire clip for the passenger valve cover and the rubber line isolator for the transmission lines to radiator (I think. It keeps the lines that wrap around the front from rubbing on the radiator). Free to the first person that posts they want them. I know it is not much but I...
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    Lorenz Racing & Performance boost controller

    I have a Lorenz Racing boost controller for sale. I bought it but never installed due to a new direction. It is a super nice piece. This is the valve cover mount version. Everything in the picture is what it came with including a plumbing diagram . $65 shipped to lower 48 via USPS.
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    Used front and rear bumperettes

    Front and rear set of bumperettes. Decent condition but would need blasting and paint. One bolt was froze and I had to cut the bolt to get it off but all others included. $40 shipped to lower 48 via USPS.
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    Box of USED stuff: egr, emblem, oil fill, center cap, brake light, breather

    I have a box of stuff I pulled off my project (or came in the trunk). These are used parts and hopefully you can tell the condition by the picture. There is a stock EGR valve/solenoid, passenger side breather with tube, driver side oil fill cap/tube, 3rd brake light (silver reflector part that...
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    Precision plenum 70 mm

    Anyone have a precision plenum for 70mm throttle body? Thanks
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    Code 15 paint?

    I've run across pictures of the two cars below and wondered if anyone thought it was a factory paint code. I've googled images of code 15 and wa8573 but they all appear lighter to me. Although it appears this paint code changes quite a bit with lighting so it still may be factory...
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    Astroroof tray replacement?

    Does anyone make an reproduction of the Astroroof tray? I have a project where the tray is pretty rusted out. I googled it and it appeared maybe Gbodyparts was working on one but I don't see it on their site. I'll call on Monday but thought it would be worth asking here. Thanks for any info.