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    TTA with no start issue

    So I just finished doing a full rebuild on my TTA, but now I'm having issues getting it to start. I have both fuel an spark, but it tends to "chug" while attempting to start. The car has a new short block just built by Cruz Performance running the stock ECM with an SD2 chip, Powerlogger, and...
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    Powerlogger, SD2 chip, TTA fuel pump hotwire, TTA intake

    Racetronix TTA Hotwire Harness - $50 Intake pipe - $50 Turbo Tweak Powerlogger - $200 Turbo Tweak SD2 chip - $250 All parts are new never used and prices include ground shipping.
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    Oil cooler leak

    Well I'm pretty sure that the leak that my car has always had is coming from the oil cooler. I never really bothered with it since it was a slow leak but it's gradually gotten worse and I finally go fed up with it and went to look into it today when I was changing the oil. I went to remove the...
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    20th Anniversary Magazine Articles

    Well I scanned in all the TTA magazine articles that I have a couple weeks ago and started this webpage 20th Anniversary Magazines For right now I'm hosting it on my forum, but once I get everything worked out and make a couple changes we'll be moving it to the new 89TTA website. Feel free to...
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    Almost brand new 67GTQ

    I'm selling an almost brand new 67GTQ with a .81A/R and a .96A/R exhaust housings. The turbo has less than 1500 miles on it and I'm asking $800 OBO plus shipping. I can get pictures if needed, but it looks just like a brand new turbo.
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    April 21st Purdue Automotive Performance Association Car show

    We're having a big car show here at Purdue the same weekend as the Purdue Grand Prix event. For those who don't know the Purdue Grand Prix is a go-kart race where clubs, dorms, frats, sororities, and other Purdue groups build their own go-kart and it's just a weekend full of racing (and for...
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    Scanmaster and Gauge install

    Well I've spent the last couple days installing a Scanmaster 2.1 and a new Autometer Carbon Fiber style Boost gauge and setting up the wiring for my trans temp gauge. My goal to start with was to make it so I could easily remove the Scanmaster and it not be noticeable that it was there at car...
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    Updates on TTA diecast

    Alright I know there's a couple other threads but I thought I would make a new one. Greenlight Toys has been working hard trying to make the nicest and most correct TTA they possibly can. There's a new photo posted on their website of the current state of the prototype GreenLight Collectibles...
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    Turbo Link 4.0 with USB converter

    I have a Turbolink 4.0 setup with the box, cable, USB converting cable, and I think I still have the disc (if not you can download it online or I can download it and put it on a disc for you). I'm asking $175 shipped.
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    Same chpi for 42lbs and 50lbs?

    I was wondering, I have a Turbo Tweak chip made for 100 octane with 23psi and I believe it was like 21degrees of timing (not sure). The chp was made for my PT51 turbo and 009 42lbs injectors. Could I use this same chip if I went to 50lbs injectors and went to 93 octane? I realise that I would...
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    Special TTAs

    Ok I'll just post the links since I tried to keep the images as big as possible so that you can see details. These are about 1/2 the size of the originals so if you want an original of a specific picture let me know and I can email it to you. This post will just be the TTA at the Indianapolis...
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    TTA jacket on ebay

    Not my jacket but I happened to stumble upon it. It's no exactly listed right because it says 20th aniv in the title and would be tough to find.
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    TTA press kits for sale

    I ran across a group of TTA press kits here recently so I went ahead and bought them not knowing exactley what they were gunna look like. Well I got them and they're in awesome condition and have everything in them. I bought more than what I really need so I've got 4 of them for sale. I'm...
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    Any questions for Jeff Beitzel?

    Well I happened to track down Jeff and got his personal email address from him. Is there any particular questions that you guys would like to know from him, such as the whether the TTA came with synthetic oil or not. I'll let the thread run for a couple days and then I'll email him with a list...
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    Need help with refreshening

    Well I had a tranny built by Vince Janis a little over a year ago and have loved it. However I've always had problems with the converter staying locked, or unlocking after a highway cruise. I've only got a 9x11 3000 billet l/u stall converter and have a fairly large trans cooler and have it so...
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    TTA article in October 2006 HPP

    I just got the new High Performance Pontiac and there's a 6 page TTA article in it. It's mostly giant pictures but looks like a decent amount of text. The article is pretty good and goes into more detail about the engine than most magazines do. However they say the heads are off Bonneville...
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    O2 Sim

    Do they make an O2 simulator for the Turbo Buicks? I've been looking on the different sponsors sites and I haven't found anything. I want to run a wide band but I don't wanna put another bung in my downpipe so is there a wideband that will either put a signal output for the stock computer or...
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    Pace Car Reunion Recap

    Well I wasn't the only TTA at the Pace car reunion this weekend and was actually joined by 3 other TTAs, 2 owners who I have never met before, and the original pace car. I got a lot of pictures so like I normally do I will post the pictures and a little description of what's in them. Tonight...
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    TTAs in the magazines

    Well I'm trying to get a list together of articles and/or owners with their TTAs in Magazines. I'm looking for anything from a partial page brief about the owner to a full feature. Here's a link to a spreadsheet I made that lists the magazines I've gotten so far. If you have any of the...
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    Some new TTA pics

    I decided to pull the TTA out and show some of the changes that I made on it this winter. To start off with this is something my dad showed me. It's polishing the hose clamps on the MAF pipe (I have T-bolts on the up-pipe), each clamp takes about 3 minutes to do and it makes a hugh...