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    Factory heads, up-pipe, turbo shield

    Sorry turbo shield is sold.
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    Factory heads, up-pipe, turbo shield

    Yes they are.
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    Lost My Baby Sister Tuesday

    Sorry for your loss pal.
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    Looking for possible info on this NY car

    He has it listed on Facebook also, I believe he said it ‘s pending sale last night.
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    Limited w/4.1

    Wow that’s killer.
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    Antenna in the windshield?

    There is a couple dimples where to drill and where screws will go if irc. Good luck.
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    Antenna in the windshield?

    Not my car just found it online.
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    Antenna in the windshield?

    There’s a spot under cowl.I have a pic I have to dig it out.
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    VIN original GNX ?

    Post some pics!!
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    VIN original GNX ?

    do a quick google search on gnx 29. it was sold off ebay to a guy in houston texas about 9 months ago.
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    Need to authenticate my 87 GNX #006

    According to the vin you posted, it is not gnx 006. Still probably worth at least $10,000 thought without knowing any other details. If your really going to burn it and post pics, can I have it instead?
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    Need to authenticate my 87 GNX #006

    That is the factory instrument cluster from a 86-87 grand national, not a gnx.
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    TPS setting

    Maybe you have a leaky injector? How quick does your fuel pressure bleed off after shutting down? What tps value do you have now?
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    Anyone else see this?.

    I can’t wait to buy this instead of important household essentials.
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    Looking for mint White T-type

    The $30,000 was a joke, she’s not for sale but thanks for the compliments.
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    Looking for mint White T-type

    $30,000 she’s all yours!!!!!!!
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    New Jersey

    She’s a beauty. Where in nj.
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    8445 heads with rockers.

    Anybody interested in a set of 8445 heads with rockers?Located in 07834 Denville nj $150.00 prefer local pick up.
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    Has anyone used a turbo from Buick on sbc/bbc

    im picking up a 454 longblock from my cousin this week for a future project (hopefully 70-73 camaro). I see all these stock turbos selling for cheap on the board, thought it would be cool to fab a set of headers for the turbo and have something pretty cool. Has anyone on the board tried this...
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    Alky issue

    Or just hit the test button on the alky controller.