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    2013 Hot Rod Power Tour is set......plan accordingly.....

    Venues and routes will be announced later, but you can start planning your wardrobe now: Saturday June 1: Arlington, TX (but you knew that already, right?) Sunday June 2: Texarkana, AR (Texarkana is a city in two states, half Texas, half Arkansas.) Monday June 3: Little Rock, AR (Ever...
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    How about a section for interior?

    How about a section for interior? I come for interior question/solutons a few times but I ususally have to search the whole sight to see what i can find.......or is this the section for interior? :confused:
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    Clear Signal Bumper lenses?

    Where can you get clear lenses to replace the amber ones in the bumper of an 86-87 Regal? Thanks for the help..........
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    Retaining clips for dash trim.......

    Does anyone know where I can get those retaining clips that go on the dash/radio car didnt come with any trim(lol) and I had to order the dash/radio surround and they didnt come with any on them.......thanks in advance...........:biggrin:
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    Need a reference photo......

    Just beginning to finished up the interior on Regal......but when I bought is was gutted roller so where the audio and climate controls was missing the trim there anyone that post some pics of what is supposed to look like behind the radio faceplate and show me how the components...
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    Chad Henderson wins SGMP

    Congrats to Chad henderson Holley No Boost winner Chad Henderson met with Francis Johnson in the final after defeating Jason Richards and Rickey Fox. Johnson put together a pait of 4.66's to get through Dave Boger and Ron Hamby. Top qualifier Brian Mchee fell off pace after a 4.54 @ 170 on his...
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    2011 Hot Rod Power Tour dates & stops announced....

    Well Alabama got another stop for the 2011 HRPT in Montgomery and the others were announced....... Bang Shift : : ... unced.html 2011 HOT ROD POWER TOUR Saturday, June 4 - Cocoa Beach, FL at Port Canavaral Sunday, June 5 - Adel/Valdosta, GA at South Georgia Motorsports Park Monday...
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    Wood Grain Radio surround

    Looking for a wood grain radio surround in nice condition......collected a/c controls and factory radio....ready to get the interior looking right.....thanks for looking.....
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    RARE 1987 Buick Regal T-Type - $3600 (Merrick)...Is this a true option

    Saw this ad and it said this was a true option....I defer to you the experts.... RARE 1987 Buick Regal T-Type
  10. 4've just put down 370' of rubber & wrecked daddy's 69 Camaro.....

    Didnt know exactly where to post this....but this is an example of a bad decision....teen wrecks his father's 69 Camaro layin down some rubber............poor kid......... : Forums :'ve just put down 370' of rubber and wrecked daddy's 68 Camaro
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    Looking for inner fender liners(engine bay)

    Need inner fender liners that attach to battery trays.....mine is just a NA Regal 86 model.....hoping to get a good set from a regular Regal parts car to install motor & trans very soon....thanks for looking.
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    1984-87 olds cutlass 442/monte ss console with shifter - $40

    I saw this today on craiglist.....maybe some near there can get lucky 1984-87 olds cutlass 442/monte ss console with shifter
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    Saw these rears in a junkyard.........

    Saw these rears in a junkyard on Friday..........can someone tell me if they are desirable types or close but no cigar...thanks in advance. 1983 Buick LeSabre 1985 Pontiac Gran Prix
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    Hood hinges

    Do the spring loaded hinges & the cylinder assist hinges use the same mounting holes on Buick Regals? Mines a 86 limited........
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    camaro 8.5 10 bolt

    Will a camaro 8.5 10 bolt with a 77 trans am posi fit in a G-body(Regal)? Got a chance to get one.........
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    2008 Hot Rod Power Tour

    I was just curious does anyone plan to or has ever participated in the annual Hot Rod Power Tour. My 86 Regal wont be ready this year but will be a work in progress for now. :biggrin: