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    87 GN in Central Iowa - $8500

    Sorry for the extra click, didn't see any point in using this board's resources when it's all laid out over here:
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    87 Grand National 56k miles $8500 Central Iowa

    Sorry for the extra click, didn't see any point in using this board's resources when it's all laid out over here:
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    So my GN's "prior salvage", value?

    My state recently changed the look of their registration. While before my registration made no mention of anything, and the title doesn't say a damn thing, now "prior salvage" is front and center on the new registration. When I bought the car in Illinois I think it had "rebuilt" on that...
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    87 GN T-Top 55k miles - Iowa - $9700

    1987 Buick Grand National For Sale T-Tops 55k miles PW/PL/Twilight Sentinel/Tilt/Cruise/AC Pioneer CD deck, but I have a stock GM deck laying around if you prefer Stock block 3.8 Turbo Numerous upgrades (see below) $9700 This is an almost complete list...
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    Selling my car, what should I take?

    Last fall I decided to part with my car. I'd rather have the cash, and maybe get into something newer, more solid, and "easy fast" down the road (LS1 F-body, 300Z TT). This spring I put flyers up in a few places and made a few local message board posts. I showed the car tonight to a guy, and he...
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    How to finance a car that's old and supposedly worthless?

    Most of us know how it works. You go into the bank and tell them the year and model of the car you want. They look into Nada or whatever price book they choose and say that's the max they'll give you. Then they look at their interest chart and see how badly they're going to jack you depending on...
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    What should this GN bring and how are they doing in general?

    How's the market on the TR's doing lately? I don't know if it's the economy or what, but I'm worried. A guy I know couldn't sell his loaded 87 T with 50k and only a couple mods, prettiest T I've seen for any more than 9500. At 10,500 he had no bites. On eBay cars I thought would be worth...
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    Tlink MAF and Knock #'s seem wrong to me

    I have recently upgraded to a T+/LS1 MAF/extender combo, and have taken a few spins with my Tlink. I've noticed a couple things 1. My MAF GPS #'s hang out from 3-12, and only for a couple frames total does it spike to 57-130, then back to 3-12. My question here is: WTF is going on...
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    I thought my MAF readings would be halved w/ T+

    I just had my first scan tool reading since my T+/LS1MAF/Extender chip upgrade. My MAF # at idle was 4, occasionally dipping to 3. It was my understanding this number would be 2. Could this be a result of not getting the right data stream w/ the chip? I specified low-speed (Z I believe), but...
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    What's this that came w/ my Translator+?

    I was cleaning up a room today and came across something I can only guess came with the T+, but I don't know what it'd be used for. It has a two prong female connector, but on the other end has just a single black wire that loops back in to the connector. I've already used all the other plugs...
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    Help me decide if I've been ripped off (long)

    Needing an LS1 MAF I placed ads on both and, and then of course went with the guy who offered the lowest price ($50 shipped, wow). I paypal'ed him the money, and it came in a timely enough manner, despite looking like it must have come from Canada (though I'd thought the guy...
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    Translator+ and Alky kits question

    I've read several accounts about the Translators and alcohol injection kits going well together. My question is: If I order my T+ setup this season and add alky down the road, will I need to send my extender chip back in to get reburned? I'm thinking no, but I doubt I understand this as well...
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    Going from stock MAF setup to T+, what all do I need?

    Ok, I'd like to get a total Translator Plus setup on my 87 GN. Everything in that area is stock right now. Of course I'll need to get the T+, Extender Chip, and an LS1 MAF. Anything else? Like a 3.5" housing ($119?!?!) for the new MAF, an adapter hose? Also, when I call to have the chip...
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    So which cam do I want?

    Every year I get the urge to add something to my car, in spite of the fact that I only go to the track once a year and always run like crap. I was thinking of adding a Translator+ setup, but then decided on cam/roller rockers. The car has all the basics on it: TE-44, 009's, big neck i/c...
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    Can't decide what to get next (if anything)

    I've got lots of expenses (new homeowner and all) and little savings, so it may not happen at all, but I was debating what I should do next to my car, if anything. Has TE-44 turbo, Duttweiler neck i/c, walbro 340 hotwired, kb ram air, 009 injectors and afpr, that's the big stuff, tons of...
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    Where'd you guys put your vacuum canister?

    Those who have done the vacuum brake conversion, then realized you didn't have enough vacuum, where'd you mount your extra canister? Because it looks like mine has to go on the passenger side, far away from the booster. That=ghey.
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    Why my fan stay on?!?!

    My coolant fan has stayed on indefinitely after turning the car off a couple times in the last 5 or 6 drives. WTH could this be? ...and why won't anyone answer my tach question? I put in a thread, then it's own thread, and nothing. *sniff* Nobody cares. :(
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    How do I disconnect the factory tach?

    I've tried hooking my VDO signal wire to the green wire under the hood, and to the ecm wire, and I wanted to try every last avenue before I pull it and put in an a/f gauge. I heard that it's possible I have to disconnect the factory tach before it'll work. How do I do this?
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    Annoying boost feedback noise

    When I let up after being under boost, there's an annoying noise that comes from the canister area of my cheapo KB ram air system. Sounds like the canister or the tubing rattling against something, and it's so damn loud I always instinctively think I've broken something. I can't exactly...
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    Trouble with line lock solenoid

    Arrgh. First I thought I had a bad solenoid. When the line lock was all hooked up, the solenoid didn't click (see: work), but the red indicator light came on, so it must be getting power right? But removing the solenoid and touching the wires to a battery = click (working). So WTF? Is it...