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    Oil in cylinders, smokes

    Engine was running fine, then a few weeks back I'm idling outside the garage waiting for the door to go up and I see puffs of smoke coming from the tailpipes. Investigation revealed burnt oil coated piston tops, all cylinders, and some oil coating in plenum. Disconnected PCV and went for a...
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    EGR Operating Parameters

    What are they, for the EGR to function? As I know: - Engine running - P/N switch must indicate in gear - Operating temperature +108* Anything else? I'm trying to figure out why mine is not functioning.
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    EGR not operating

    I have been working on chasing "no EGR function". Per the Service Manual I have - Stock chip, 30# injectors - Gen3 Translator set correctly (for stock chips, 255gps) - verified the valve is not stuck - neutral safety switch is working correctly - 18" vacuum at idle is present - grounds are...
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    Dismal Alcohol Results

    I'm still having disappointing results when I run alky and pump 91 (CA). On straight pump gas I can run ~15 psi without KR, and only 17 PSI with alky set at ~8. Engine has a small roller cam, mild ported stock iron heads, 6265BB turbo, 21* WOT timing. Fuel pump delivery tested and verified...
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    Dlynch1130 A+

    I purchased a set of hard vacuum lines and they were exactly as described. Shipped fast, great communication, basically all good. Thank you, sir!
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    Cruise Control

    My cruise control no longer works, and here is my only clue: When I "key on", the "CRUISE" light immediately dimly illuminates. It never did that before, and the CC used to function. Since the last time it was used, the engine was replaced, a Razors Alky Kit was installed, and the PM brakes...
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    To Restrict or Not To Restrict (Turbo Oil Feed)

    I have a new (but older style water cooled) 6265BB that I picked up with a stainless feed line. Thing is, the cover won't go on with that feed line and straight fitting. I contacted PTE about getting a restricted 90º feed fitting and was told that all I needed was a standard UNRESTRICTED -4...
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    Timing Mark WAY off?

    Has anyone here ever come across a condition where the dampener timing marks were way off, as in ~27* (39mm/1.55") BTDC? I'm putting the finishing touches on a new engine and decided to verify the timing marks, just to be methodical so when I set the cam sensor it is as correct as can be. I...
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    Engine Accessory Bolts

    If starting with NOTHING bolt wise, what do you use? Grade 8/10.9 with washers and thread lock? I have been hunting for new flange bolts to put on the "externals" of my new engine with little luck. I like the design intent of a flange bolt, eliminating the need for a flat washer that has a...
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    Torque Converter - 6265BB on a warm street engine

    Making a couple changes and I have been pondering what to do about my "3000" stall 9/11. Terribly inefficient unlocked, but, it was a decent buy back in ~Y2K. Problem is that the new setup is very different and I think I might need a looser TC, so I'm looking for input from 6265BB users. BTW...
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    To An Original GN Owner - CA Emissions Limits

    What were the original limits indicated on your first emissions test? I am wondering how CA comes up with their limits, and how it is possible that the limits can be lowered as drastically as they recently were (30%).
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    Oscilloscopes - What to look for?

    I have absolutely no experience with oscilloscopes, but want to, so I'm in the market. I can go old CRT or new handheld, no preference, but that is because... what the heck do I know? :) Cruising eBay there are loads of them. Several on Craigslist, too, mostly Tektronix of various models...
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    T+/3.5" MAF connection

    Yes, I have the manual, but there are ambiguities, so I need to verify exactly what harness adapters are used. The installation instructions state, "The Pink wires must line up. The Yellow wire in the harness must line up with the Green wire from the translator." My factory harness has no...
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    GEN2 Translator & Conventional Chip Setup

    It is that wonderful time of year for me where I have to pass a smog check by the end of the week. I replaced my GEN chip with a conventional chip, and made the following changes in the GEN2 setup: MAF Output: Stock GN MAF V-Out1 Mode: Use Set Point V-Out2 Mode: Use Set Point The car runs, but...
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    Vieving DirectScan on W7 Machine

    I would like to know how I can run DS on my W7 desktop to review file. Anyone done this already? I found this, but haven't tried it yet: How To Run DOS Applications in Windows 7 PC TIA!
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    ECM/Datalogger Preparation Tutorial?

    I though I saw a tutorial, with pics, on how to prep an ECM for Direct Scan / Power Logger, but now can't find it. Anyone have a link for that? Thanks,
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    Lower Door Panel Plastic Repair

    Anyone have any experiences with repairing cracked panel mounting pin mounts/tabs/slots? Also the upper panel metal interlock strips? Several of those melted studs/posts sheared off the panel at one end. Looking around it appears that the proper adhesive for our panel composition is 3M...
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    MAF Flow Data

    I know MAF flow numbers have been kicked around before, and I know Richard Clack had that get together in 2008 where he was checking the flow of a bunch of stuff through turbines (who took notes??). So what I'm looking for is a compilation of whatever data is available. Here is all I was able...
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    Replacing Radio - Snowball effect

    The snowball effect. Happens all to often. It started simple enough. The 20 year old radio and speakers needed replacing. OK, so I have the radio out, now what?
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    Custom Visors?

    I need my visors either redone or replaced, and I got to thinking about something I don't like about them, and that is the length when it is swung to the side. It is many time insufficient considering where I am seated, and I then lean forward in order to get the sun out of my eyes. On a...