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  1. fast NY Six

    E85 tune

    I got my tune dialed in for E85 from ZZP, along with their cam that has a modified fuel pump lobe. 0-60 in 6.1 seconds. It's hard to get a good launch, but from a 30 mph roll it pulls hard. I think a s/c 3800 would get me off the line but after that, I'd pull away.
  2. fast NY Six

    3800 turbo recommendation

    I’m working on a 5 speed series 2 na swap project and I’m looking for some advice on which turbo would work well. I know the 6262 is common. I’m not going for all out power. 350-400 hp max. Thanks
  3. fast NY Six

    rear axle rebuild

    I was in the process of changing the diff lube and found a chipped ring gear tooth. I've ordered the gears, does anyone know the bearing part numbers for the pinion and carrier? Or who sells a quality rebuild kit?. Timkin lists bearings for the 7.5 but not much for the 8.5. thanks
  4. fast NY Six

    GN review

  5. fast NY Six

    quaife lsd 0-60

    After the limited slip install, the best 0-60 I could pull off is 6.4 sec. It was around 20 degrees outside. First gear is so tall, it's hard to launch without melting the clutch. The f40 transmission is very compact, the install wasn't too bad. This is my only experience with a fwd limited...
  6. fast NY Six

    87 GN with 757 miles
  7. fast NY Six

    turbo upgrade

    Has anyone installed a larger turbo on their car? I'm looking at a z54 or zfr turbo.
  8. fast NY Six


    Has anyone tuned their own car with hp tuners? The trifecta tune is pricey and I have hp tuners already. Thanks
  9. fast NY Six

    Timing chain

    I just picked up an ‘11 with a manual 6 speed. Seller said It wouldn’t start all of a sudden one day. Timing chain jumped a few teeth on both cams. Balancer chain tensioner guide is mostly gone. Apparently this is normal, and usually worse? Hopefully it’s ok.
  10. fast NY Six

    car covers

    Is there a quality car cover that everyone uses? I've done a search but the threads are old. The car is stored indoors. thanks
  11. fast NY Six

    is this engine any good (L67)

    I noticed this engine sitting in the local yard a few weeks ago. It was upright, now laying on it's side. They charge $115 for a long block. If it turns over I was going to drop the pan and maybe cut the oil filter open. Not sure if someone wanted the trans and left the engine. If the...
  12. fast NY Six

    Radio antenna cable

    Somehow mine got cut. Are there other gm cars that use the same one? The car has power antenna. Thanks
  13. fast NY Six

    Bowling green auto yards

    Does anyone know of any pick a part junk yards around the bowling green area. I'd like to go shopping while I'm down there for the races.
  14. fast NY Six

    4t65e differences

    Can I use any 4t65 that came with a series 2? I know the ratio can be different, and the l67 got a larger differential. I was walking around the salvage yard yesterday and was thinking of grabbing a spare trans for the l67. If I swapped the differential and installed a new chain set, would I...
  15. fast NY Six

    Chrome bumpers bowling green

    Anyone have a nice set of chrome bumpers that are headed to gs nationals?
  16. fast NY Six

    85 GN intercooled value

    I hate to ask about a value of a car but.. A local guy put together an 85 GN roller with an intercooled drivetrain. And he has finally realized these cars require more attention than the sbc that he is used to. Newer paint job, posi, ttop, interior is kinda rough. I helped him get the car...
  17. fast NY Six

    rear drive shaft loop

    Does anyone use a rearward drive shaft loop? The place that built my drive shaft recommended one on each end. I've searched and haven't found much information.
  18. fast NY Six

    aftermarket chrome bumpers

    I am reassembling my car after painting and would like nicer bumpers against my new silver paint. How are the aftermarket chrome ones fit and finish? Or should I look for a nice used set? I was going to paint them silver but decided to keep the chrome look. thanks
  19. fast NY Six

    4t65e rebuild

    I'm entertaining the idea of turbocharging. Are there any 4t65 gurus? There are cars out there that run 10s. What needs to be done to the trans to make it live?
  20. fast NY Six

    Water shields?

    does anyone reproduce these? There’s one on each side. It’s thin plastic material.