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    Not even close to being Babied or Immaculate Condition!

    Hey fellow members, I went to take a look at this car and It is in no way has this car been Babied all it's life as stated. He stated it was 31K origional miles, but looks like 133K or more from the Steering wheel, interior and I didn't even want to look under the car, it has been repainted and...
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    Stock Belt Tensioner

    I have a used stock belt tensioner, I was keeping it as a spare. I am also open to trading for a turbo as my turbo has just crapped out on me and I can throw in some cash, depending on what you have. $180 each shipped....I accept Paypal , you can send as a gift or add 3% for fee's.
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    Precision Torque Converter

    Hi, I am interested in a Precision Converter, looking for a 3000-3500 stall , 3-6 disc lock-up. Let me know what you have. I have a set of used Morel Roller Lifters, if anyone is interested in a trade or I can just buy the converter, either way let's make a deal!
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    Help Indetifying Turbo

    I sold the car with a CPT66 and it came back with this and I need help Identifying it, Took some measurements and the front, has a 3" inlet, inside diameter tip to tip is 73.93mm and as far as I could get to the inner wheel 70.69mm so I would say 70 size wheel. The exhaust side larger wheel...
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    Help Indentifying Converter

    I sold this car with a 5 Vigilante 5 disc 3500 Stall lock-up Converter, It cam e back with this and I need help Indentifying was converter this is. Has the numbers K1, C109, R15-H in Marker,Number 7 Stamped all the way around it and P & 7 stamped close to each other.
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    No Fuel Pressure!

    It was running and just stopped one day, I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator and I still have no fuel pressure! I am suspecting it could a bad injector, but if 1 was bad, i would think I would get more than 2-5psi, it was doing this before I replaced the pump & regulator. I...
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    Carfax Vin Check Please

    I am thinking about getting another GN, can't seem to leave them alone, lol. I will send you a few bucks via paypal! vin#1G4GJ1179HP458678
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    New and Old Parts!

    I have a few parts for sale! I need these item gone out of my garage, I will be looking over the next week for more items. 1. New External Wastegate Gasket (Turbo to Wastegate) make offer $ 2. New Turbo drain pipe gasket, make offer $ 3. Stock Good fuel pressure regulator, $35 Shipped 4...
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    4" Maf Pipe with Sensor and K&N Filter

    I have a used used 4" Maf pipe with Built in Sensor and K&N Air Filter. The Pipe has a nick in it from the alternator and the Pipe was cut down about 1" on the filter end to so the Filter would fit without it being smashed and bunched up. This will also come with a Red 4" hose and clamps, other...
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    NO START! New Module, Coil and Crank Sensor

    Hi, I was driving and everything was fine, parked at a friends and when i came out to start it, it would turn over but didn't start. I replaced the Ignition module, coil and crank sensor. Tripple checked all three and the crank is showing bars on the boost gauge while cranking, the ignition...
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    Fast xfi

    Hello member's, I am selling a used but like new Fast XFI System with built in Logger, It does not have one single scratch on it. It was installed about 6 months ago and car was driven maybe 5 times since install. It comes complete with all wiring, Wb02, Casper's plug & play harness, plug & play...
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    1987 GN Hardtop For Sale

    I have my 1987 GN for sale! I hate to do it but I lost my Job and I'm interested in starting a Business and working for myself at this Point! The car itself looks good and drives good for a daily driver, But it does need a Paint job! I bought it I believe at 147k per carfax and have put less...
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    L2481f-30 Piston's

    The Box say's L2481F-30, but the piston say's L2481 with no F and they are 30 over. Is this wrong? should the piston say L2481F? or can I use them?
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    Fast xfi w/data logger and wb02

    I am selling my Fast XFI w/ Datalogger, Caspers plug and play harness and map adapter (no cutting wires) and wbo2. It is in like new condition and was installed for about 2 wks and I just don't have the time to figure it out completey and I got a new business going and I need to buy some...
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    Maft Pro / Chip /WBO2

    I have a Used Maft Pro with an Innovative wbo2 and Extreme Extender chip. I would like to sell complete for $500 shipped OBO! I will also include a New never used Scanmaster 2.2 update chip if someone takes this package deal, if i separate then it's not included. I need to get these item's...
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    FAST XFI Finally Getting Installed! Got Some Questions!

    I have Plumbed in the WBO2 and Relocated the IAT. Didn't have many instructions in the Box! I have the Caspers ECU Adapter Module #108112 XFI To GN, which is simple plug and play. Is there any wires I need to Tap into to get going before I start the car or even power it on? I have also have Alky...
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    2 Gauge Pod Pillar

    Looking for a 2 gauge pod for the pillar (2 & 1/16), color doesn't matter. Good price if someone has one lying around.
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    WTB Catalytic Converter For 3.5" DownPipe

    I am looking to see if anyone has a Catalytic Converter for a 3.5" DP. One that is not gutted out and can be fabbed up, or where I could buy one and maybe drop it in to bolt to the 4 bolt Y-Pipe if i give them the Measurements. also what is a good cat to use? Just wanted to check here first to...
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    CarFax Please!

    3GYFK66N06G112709 Please send to I appreciate it.
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    Champion GN1 Aluminum Heads / Stock Iron Heads

    I have a set of Champion GN1 Aluminum Heads that are for sale. They are set up for a Roller Cam. I believe they are the First Generation, but I am not positive, just know they don't look like the newer style and are 3 bolt shaft mount. They are still on my car and I will be pulling them off...